Mercury toxicity

Mercury is a metal that is liquid in a human environment and can evaporate easily above a point in room temperature. That fact makes it dangerous because human may inhale mercury.

Mercury causes female reproductive toxicity abd women need up to one year to excrete mercury from their bodies  with their urine faeces or brest milk.

Mercury is an ore and is a byproduct of gold mining. In Spain there is the mine of Almaden that extraction of mercury has taken place for over 2000 years. Mercury is used in cosmetics that bring the opposite result rathen than skin care.

Fish accumulate mercury in their bodies, and bigger fish such as sharks and sword fish uptake more in relation to their body size. Therefore a diet is suggested especially to women who are about to make children. Women should prefer fish such as salmon and tuna that accumulate mercury under the dangerous quantity limit.

Angling fishing in sea water can bring fish from areas that a thorough examination may not been made in terms of nearby industrial activities and the dose for angling produced fish should less than 700 grams per week.

Mercury is an industrial byproduct and is present in switches of old cars in antiques in mirrors and in pendulum clocks. Mercury is not a recylable metal. In case of reycling when a device contains mercury and other metals mercury should be separated from the rest for example from copper and copper can only go to the recycling facility. The protection limit for the recycling workers is 0.05 mg/Kg and is easily to understand the size of this limit.

For the environmental fate of mercury the human limit of a dose is an indicator of the density an area of land can take mercury. A landfill that speeds down the toxic chemical that go downwards protects underwater aquifers and that is important.

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