Choosing some half lives

Manganese 52 – 5.591 days

Gold 196 – 6.183 days

Boron 8 – 770 milliseconds

Nitrogen 12 – 11 milliseconds

Cobalt 57 – 271.79 days

Caesium 137 – 30.17 years

Uranium 232 – 68.9 years

Plutonium 238 – 87.7 years

Uranium 238 4,5 billion years and it gives 14 radioactive steps to natural decay to lead. According to half lives one who purchases some grams of uranium can experience two reactions to protactinium as an end product. This has the assumption that the initiation of reactions are at the time pont of acquiring uranium from the shop. Of course there would be all fourteen elements in the ore because of previous decays all the way back of its life as an ore. Uranium is created only by supernova explosions and has fallen on earth.

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