Macedonia issue started wrong

The Greek neofascist case

For examing a case in court the rational is to go to a previous cases and draw conclusions. Kamenos the neo fascist spokesman said that the Falkand islands belong to Argentina, and even he pronounced this or not this is a correct view in geology only. The Falkland islands are an extent of the continental shelf of Argentina but the cultural identity of the inhabitants of the Falklands is British. By transfering this case to Northen Greece, the size of the Aegan Macedonia is bigger than the size of the Republic of Macedonia and the neofascist sickness of Greece believes that the whole of Macedonia area belongs to Greece without because. Logic is different to fascism and opposite. The drainage valley of Axios river (Vardar) and the surroundings is dominant in size to Greece in geological terms only. This is quite enough to arrest fascism but more than enough is that the Greek part of Macedonia is part of the Greek nation whereas the Republic of Macedonia is a Slavic mainly race or nation because it has the Albanian in descent population.

Fascist arguments do not stand and fascism existence is because of heavily damaged brains. The Greek teachers in the schools in the 90’s 80’s 70’s 60’s and so on backwards in time and all the way back to Cyril and Methodius were teaching right. The modern Yugoslavia consisted as the Greek school says of seven federal communties which were Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia. Those who changed the history or geography book should go to court.

The question why fascist exists is because the chlidren of Greece didn’t listen to their teachers. Car pollution outside the schools, in combination with low quality in buildings, school blocks without insulation, high trees around the schools that bring moisture in the dry and olive producing Greece is a puzzle of failure. The effect on the chlidren were not to be able to listen and read, eye problems, ear problems, in combination with the false parenthood, who rushed their children to be the new buyers of loans and cars. The lack of plan the rush to get married because of trust to ceasar’s sector with no brain in tradition was a total failure of the Greek neofascist movement from the start. All these have tremendous impact in the natural birth statistics to the number of fetus fertility before birth. The female brain is opposite to madness, is the woman’s brain that needs time, relaxation, no noise in silly gay and lesbians demonstrations every day. The woman needs to imagine and hope for her child, in tranquility and in singing, in good food, in fish, in quality vegetables and so on so as to natural give birth.

After all the suggestions for an ergo omnes name to the Republic of Macedonia can be a ridiculous one so as to wake up even more the failed side. No ability to give natural birth Greece is statistics is a proper flare so as the hypocricy of previous capitalism against previous communism to cease its existence.

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