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The teacher asks all the time, what is the plant I found, is a dry spore seed was my first reaction, I oppened the book and I found that they are two kinds of spore bearing seeds the dry ones and the temperate ones. The dry ones have both sexes, and they are called microspory, they need this strategy for dessication reasons. I have a light microscope and I saw it to Michael, it is inspiring for him, I closed the book and I organised my plan. My A plan is to make a boat a fishing boat, and after that to leave Katie at shore crying because she is a woman. My plan B is to find a job before the boat so as to have the money to make the boat or buy it. I have provided enough wood to stabilise this loss from the environment. The plan C is publications for making certain a job so as to reach a boat, and the plan D is to grow loquat trees because Katie’s children would need a place somewhere far away from London so as to be secure for her birth. I have twelve planted already in my house in Athens in Greece and this is inspiring for the architect. He advertises me to others from our group in the University because he has some plans for good homing that he doesn’t explain fully. My plan E is to carry on with my site and sell to Makedonijan people, old stuff, card postals, photos from the ship wreck disaster, I will see how it goes and my worst plan to stay at home recycling all the time plant residuals to make soil for nowhere because the soil is not enough for all the dry region of Glyfada in Athens and this is my plan F. I work hard all my plans but the lesson I learnt is that to go from a low plan to a higher plan is to finish a neat task on the current plan I am saying. I buy with the pepper seeds of last year a new loquat tree in a better price at Frangkos and this is good for me. I have three out from the initial twelve and I think Katie sees one child to make on each of the trees out of my house. She has logic a garden with twelve loquat trees in Athens is insiping for the safety of her birth, but the children should need to go to walk somewhere near. So I chose the church, near by there is a field with neat soil not buildings at all and I planted one loquat on the 3rd of January 2017. It is going well and I put a grade three for its growth.

It is the 5th of April 2018 today, and I would like to work one week for loquat irrigation. I will go from the park to bring water in my house, I will fill the empty tank, and I will let chlorine to evaporate. I will irrigate with this the number two plant which is in my garden still. I will let it grow up to a level that I won’t need to walk the distance to the church. This is the point about Greece to reach the trees a level of growth that they can resist the dry summer. Loquats have heterospory as well but they are not bushes. I go first thing in the morning to irrigate six times the tree in the church. I will irrigate after from the tank in my house my trees in the garden because is chlorine everywhere. The guy from Seychelles makes me laugh because he is funny, whatever I say to my group related to him he asks support in his tourism. He insists that they all say that they like Seychelles and they will come but they never do that. So he has drawn the conclusions we are lying to him all the time, he punishes us wild wild jokes. He asked a new trade silk route from Hong Kong where the other person of the group left for obvious reasons to the Port Elizabeth and not to forget to include Seychelles again.

I put a grade on trees my highest loquat is grade nine whereas the tree in the church has grade three to four according to each height. Let say is 10 cm for every grade but the highest tree has reached almost my height is 1,50 cm and I still put grade nine because I am strict to myself is time for it to bear fruits, so when it will do that I will give twelve which is my current maximum. My twelfth tree in my garden is my tool to monitor the dessication. With this tree which is the weakest I can know what the tree in the church is doing because is far to me and the most vulnerable due to small plant flowering intruders. I prcatice for the boat at shore, I apply a stradegy to grow there as well flowers, I produce some images that would look like Seychelles in a much poorer condition because I don’t have here the monsoon.


Is an ugly picture to my friend from Mahe in Seychelles but I explain the logic of it. The fisherman needs to have oxygen to operate at see because sea has less photosynthesis normally most of the season. So is like I visited Mars with less oxygen so as to understand. Therefore every single shadow counts such as these in the small bamboo sticks and every piece of wood counts as well even if it is not seen evidently. The white board on the picture has wood in it, the wind is strong, the weather will decompose and it will provide sedimentation for soil in the long term. Is a good attempt with the prerequisite to carry on. The place of the shore is near the sea port where I plan to make Katie sad with my departation in the ocean with the boat.

The oil spill was a disaster, the stupids invented the monoculture of algae. Look at this Matteo the Italian would have no words to explain this chaos. Matteo why you have no words? Punish your own, I punish my own stupids. Good effort there at beach you produce copper don’t you? Is it massive?

-Yes it is in an industrial level what about your number?

– It is still making, is soft metal copper with an odour, is soft, malleable, and ductile, it took smell from my garden. I will condense it so as to make it a brick of copper. I am sorry is as far as my brain can reach for now. If I don’t freeze it I cannot tell if it worths or not.

-Make it bring it here I sell it in Oristano, let’s punish some fools with science.

-Ok got you Matteo soon I send you more information.

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