The response to the accident

The response to the accident

The accident of Agia Zoni II was an indication of the wrong living of people in Greece. Wrong living means wrong speech and this derives from lack of experience. Everyday in the news the discussion is Turkey, but by not knowing Turkey the sounds of the politicians in the news media are annoying. They say for example that the European path of Turkey is as follows because this is how tthe Greek politician imagine it. But is there a real European target for Turkey which is an almost complete Asian civilisation for more than 2 millenia. Therefore based on the history and the real being of Turkey can be a discussion with them. The father of Turkey’s president was a coastguard and the reaction of Turkey to the letter from the scientist was immense and they did itt right, because they took out of the water the tourist boats that cause pollution in the canal between the eastern Aegean islands and mainland Western Turkey. Here is what the letter said briefly.


Dear Sir or Madam


I am a scientist graduate from the University of Plymouth, England, United Kingdom. When I was in College in Cambridge Seminars before my entry to the University I met a Turkish man and I had with him a short discussion about the Aegean Sea. I am Greek citizen born in Greece and my discussion with this man from Turkey was about basic truth that both sides Greece and Turkey have equal rights to the sea.


My degree gives me the legal right to be Fisheries Manager in Greece even though I have never had a wage in this. Driven from my desire to help people I studied the issue of fishing in Greece and since the Aegean Sea is a jurisdiction to Turkey also I consider helpful even to Turkey to share my story.


I had made a small company in the Internet and I was selling fishing tools and from the sales Greek people were asking I had many suspicions about what kind of activity they were buying the tool for. I have included in this letter the EU law about Greek Fisheries that is beneficial to the fishery because it allows a closed season time during summer months for the fish to recover or rest as the fishermen say. This law has logic because by considering other parts of Europe that can’t fish during winter because of cold weather, it is useful to exist a hatchery somewhere to supply fish.


The Gibraltar Strait may be small but the argument that through this straight Mediterranean fish stocks can supply back the Atlantic is not negligible. And even if it small the argument that by letting fish to recover in the Aegean summer to supply with that fish the Swedish fishery for example who can’t fish due to freezing, the idea of the law is not small for the fishermen of the Aegean ports.


When I wrote my suspicion about illegal summer fishing through my e-shop to the Port Authorities of Alexandropolis I referred to them that I have names of customers who bought from me during summer tools that are for boat fishing and I am suspicious but I can not be certain because these people may have bought tools in July for example to fish in October when it is legal. Apparently my suspicion got bigger because the next day somehow the Telecommunications service of Greece OTE renewed the network connections and I lost data from my pc with the names of the customers. It was as if some people wanted to cover things and hide them and as if there is a cooperation of the crime between the telecommunications service with the illegal summer fishing in Greece.


Anyway the Greek Professional fishermen in Nea Michaniona the most serious fishing ports in Greece say that there are 20,000 illegal small Greek boats that conduct illegal summer fishing, whereas summer for a serious fishing industry in the Mediterranean is about fixing the nets, and preparing the boats for next season. I would add to this estimate of the professional fishermen that there are more illegal Greek boats from the number they say.

And I write this with the proof of the sense I had from the activity of some of my customers.

I would like to say that I don’t suggest anything to Turkey, I don’t say to Turkey what to do, and I can not do this because I have knowledge for Greek boats not Turkish but as a scientist I follow basic rules of science globally accepted. And one basic concept of science is to add knowledge to the stock of knowledge in order to improve things, to make things better, for the benefit of the society the economy and the people.   I am sure a lot of people in Turkey don’t know about the Greek failure of authorities to apply the fishing law fully and in my opinion they should know that because not a full application of the fishing law reduces fish stocks and that is undesirable.


As for the biology of the fishing the logic says that by saving some time not catching fish for four months per year and giving that time to the fish to grow in centimetres after the May season that most of fish species lay their eggs that is useful for next season starting from October, next year and the following years after, for having bigger catches of fish and that is good.


Thank you for reading and I would like to wish all my best regards to Turkish people


Constantinos Hatzis


Bsc Environmental Science

Plymouth University

The response of Glyfada city before the accident

The scientist has given a warning letter in Glyfada city on the 22nd of May 2017. This letter revealved the sense of the man who understood the increase of pressure on the oil demand. This letter was saying about stupid petrols that cause oil spills every day, and that is true for the marinas of the city of Glyfada, where oil leakage creates problem to the juveniles. Imagine Valencia and Piraeus or Algeciras how much oil leakage happens every day. This letter to Glyfada was saying that carbon is a feed for seaweeds but the ironic of the local government there is that the only form of carbon they know is the carbon in petroleum because that is rich as they are tthought.

The local governor responded hypocritically and ironically making a show in the radios seeming surprised of the oil spill whereas he had the warings of the scientist three months before. The logic to explain this, is in low EU economies the average prevails and takes responsibility of all issues either he/she can handle or not. A man studied communications for example cannot be more than average or bad in shipping knowledge and Glyfada should apologise for such choices in the elections.

The response of the Greek government for the accident

The Greek government said too little words one week after the accident blaiming the captain of the ship wreck Agia Zoni II for smaggling oil and probably the position of the heavy cargo that caused the oil spill was an anchorage. But this is not the main point for the people of Greece, the accident has occured but the Greek government behaved in a naive way. Instead of saying that all the tourist business should shut down immediately they made a rally in the Republic of Macedonia inventing again the non existent issue of the name dispute. The Southern part of Macedonia which is a Greek part can create a Eurovision band to compete in the internal Greece with the song of the rest of Greece so as the Greek Southern Macedonia name to be heard in Europe. The sun rays however is the crucial and detrimental outcome of the ship wreck, the trap of excessive amount of sun rays means drought for the region. The initial evaporation took as much moisture it could be but from the following summer in 2018 this phenomeno will develop gradually in a serious dry ear for Attica and near by Greece. The Greek governemnt all the previous years which has invested in Tourism with a wrong fossil fuel way presented new investments in the tourist sector after the accident. This is a straight call to cancer from the dangerous sun rays of the Greek people and the tourists. No word for irrigation has been heard, no words of planting more trees and no words for avoiding the day out time in the hostile from now on Greek summer. This is the point where money is more important from the life it self or in other words the total stupidity of the Greek Universities who consistently do not take responsibility on their failed living.

Eating, drinking water, clean air, walking in daytime, decent shelter, the enjoyment of natural beauty, the avoidance of pesticide poisoning, grandchildren are the values Greeks chose to throw in the garbage staying with consistency in their before Christ cave claiming a name for the Republic of Macedonia based on ancient Pharaos of war fare such as Alexander the Great. The punishment of neo fascist Greeks who spend enormous fuel in silly trips around with no plans no knowledge and owning many degrees from the Athenian Universities is from their own actions. The economic punishment which comes from the EU is a matter of time to implement and the screams of Greek innoscence do not convince anyone.

The Republic of Macedonia is not an alibi for the oil spill and the fishermen knew the guilt of this failed model of economic development ages before the incident. The ship Agia Zoni II was 45 years old and even a child of the primary school could easily understand that it is a certain wreck. However the Greek government took in Greek hands the ship two months before the accident, after the Norwegian classifier abandoned this ship. The ironic was that on the deck of the boat was a huge sign that was signaling ”No smoking” whereas the fier of the oil spill was the real smoke.

The accident iginted a legal minefield the Greek government accused the ex prime minister of a bribary scandals related to a drugs company in the USA. Legal cases stayed on the trial shelve have concluded after decades as the example of the stock exchange. Violence by anti government terror took place after many years and among all these not a word heard about renewable energy at least not so loud. A buraucratic attempt to subside homes for insulation and thermal capacity fell apart by the numbers of papers asked and the electronic system that cracked.

As the oil demanders turn the screw the treachery of the government runs deep inside the health of its own people. People dead in Aigina near by Salamina and there are few heroes who hide in the dark on the sunny April whereas the master trator the prime minister who can lead Macedonia inside the EU dreams a lot. As the day of Venus dawns the foreign office minister race against nothing to ask why Greeks are scared in the Macedonia issue. The lack of honesty and teh misconception of the real truth of the wreck lies on a few people of the London compensation office. All the ingredients of a true drama that is going to last in Greece is in time and the hospitalisation of the ill is an every day phenomeno.

Weird fumes create a sode like taste in the mouth and the lungs whereas the EU is not convinced for a working position placement and asks exams all over Europe without giving special consideration to the Space issue. What exams can a Greek need so as to find Venus and Jupiter or Mars in the sky with a rocket since that can be done with a high resolution photocamera. EU is huge is a monster that documends slowly and do not react, so it can not provide solution to health in Greece and nowhere else.

Management of the oil spill

The image of Venus of the sky is only the final proof that carbon dioxide exists in vast amounts after the oil spill at the place of the tragedy, so irrigation of the trees and the plants is the first logical management practice of it. People should see the oil spill as a bulk that they need to take in their gardens. The harvesting ability of plants increases because of the plenty of sun rays trapped by the carbon dioxide. So carbon dioxide which is a enemy should get a reduction by using it to make trees higher. Homes which do not have gardens should participate as well with water from the sea because there are a lot of bushes and trees right next to the wave which are tolerant to salt water. It is a suggestion of social work to irrigate from the sea water plants so as to trap carbon dioxide in the photosynthesis. Especially for the Mediterranean taking water out from the sea means that more water gets in from the Gibraltar strait. And even this argument is small is not negligible. On the other hand it is known that the sea levels rise so getting water out of the sea at any place on the earth helps the water level not to climb high. Of course the more people participate on this the more serious this argument becomes and the moral side of it is that since humans did all the damage by drilling petroleum deep from the earth’s surface, same as much should be the effort on the other side, so as to reduce the side effects of the combustion engines. By taking water out of the Mediterranean is logical to expect a breeze from the Gibraltar strait to become stronger towards inside the Mediterranean sea and this is good for dispersing through air movements the concentration of carbon dioxide from the places of the wrecks and on that way to reduce its effect. The Gibraltar strait is small, humans can not affect as such the wheather with buckets of sea water some may say, but some other people may say that earth is small and there is not a point not trying anyhow.


The bulk of Agia Zoni II

Literally the bulk washed out women, wallets, tires, government scandals, Macedonia, violence in football, pistols in football ground, fake experts, buckets of water to harvest the vast amount of carbon dioxide for plants, hospital to the mayor who has alzheimer and remember after the oil spill pedestrian roads to fix, bail out money most of that and because of that is teh explanation why. Why is simple the EU gave money the biggest bail out in the world’s history around 300 billion euros to illiterate people who do not know how to behave with such wallet. After the bail out it was the completion of the phase of new mobiles to everyone with the new lithium bateries regardless of the diezel power of the public electricity network that added to the petroleum load of demand. Silly people became parents with one child and were shuffling all the time in teh social media about their skills to show to their child the world via the mobile phone, but they were using only the screen not the knowledge in the battery of the device and the high demand of energy that Greece couldn’t afford to bear. Stupid architects built opera houses right next to the water front as if teh Aegean is the Atlantic Ocean, and new car parks next to the sea, huge construction and huge cash to destroy the sea.

The architectural fraud of Athens has started in the eighties when the peace and firendhip stadium was built on a wrong position at the water front. This failed model continued and the car park of a basketball ground of more than ten thousand spectators was not enough for them. Right next to eat the new Olympiacos football stadium with thirty five thousands capacity and in the Faliro Delta the Tae Kwon do again with the same recipe cars and more on this to the south of them, cinema complexes and huge shoping centres. The maniacs were trying for decades to destroy fishing in Athens and Piraeus and they  succeeded in the destruction of their own selves. No announcement on the media or the governemnt about the visibility of Venus as early as April’s sunlight.

It is a freak show the destroyers of the beautiful sea of Piraeus the Saronic Gulf created with Jupiter smiling only on an evil way over teh Athenians and reminding that all the actions devils did against fishing, this is against them. And this is easy to understand, since people who have roles in government positions do not inform the crowds of the heavy petroleum users that the sun rays are dangerous then the escape cannot happen. A healthy living is far away from the people who in an egoist way were rejecting the fact that climate change in a local level is reality. So the conclusion is to listen.


Copper as end result of nuclear transmutation starting from water

The end product of the nuclear transmutation in water is copper, and not iron whereas iron is produced too and is shown clearly in the water medium. Copper has atomic number 29 and just different the way Rutherford did his discovery and was written in the history book the iron peak. Copper has electric conductivity and powder of copper is the end result of the process can cause electricity in the sea water by using water’s natural electricity. By assuming that this amount of electricity is enough then the grains of copper powder can have the same effects as the direct application of electricity with a battery to the fish. They may cause brain disorder meaning that they redirect teh electrons in the brain of the fish and this may cause aneasthesia. So it is a suggestion for being copper a fishing tool, or a fishing method. Copper also has antibacterial action and by assuming that bacteria compete for space in the water with plankton zooplankton and phytoplankton, then copper can be beneficial for plankton growth. The farming books say that copper is an essential element for plant growth but large amounts may harm the plants, so it is a matter of balance in using copper.

Copper is sold for 4,30 euros a kg in the form of old cables for recycling but copper trimings can fetch 25 % of this price.


The cargo of the Greek ship wreck was very heavy because it contained reasons for an accident such as garbage, excessive numbers of mobiles uses, efforts to legalise cannabis, dead army, economic scandals, soldiers in prison in a foreign friendly nation. And all the reasons appeared after it during the clearing and punishing process of nature to recover itself. By putting more mass on air, such as carbon dioxide mass then even a war aircraft can find high gas pressure due to extra mass on the atmospehre and collapses, as it happened seven months after the oil spill of Agia Zoni II. This is true for every means of transportation including road. Carbon dioxide is heavier compared to oxygen and nitrogen and for this reason is in low altitude in the atmosphere. A cold breeze from the sea during spring may cause oxygen to escape out of the sea surface and replenish the air circulation towards pushing carbon dioxide higher up in the cloud, but in summer where air is more thick due to dust from Sahara in Greece, and due to more stagnant sea water that doesn’t bring any positive breeze, the pressure is concentrated towards low altitude. In other words the lack of fresh air from the sea due to lack of cold winds, sustains a conjention of mass in land that may cause road accidents.


The solution to the hiding hypocricy

People around Hitler were promising him a ‘permanent solution to the Jewish issue’ the same phrase ‘a permanent solution to the Makedonijan issue’ or ‘a permanent solution to the Cypriot issue’ plays on the Greek media every so often. So the conclusion is that when the issue is simply a nationality this is a fascist issue. The problem of the Greek government is double because it is the neofascism but is also the hiding of the problem of overuse of fossil fuel under the neofascism, as if the insist to neofascism has bigger priority than the destruction of the Athenian ecosystem. The guilt is apparent is terrible antihumaine and needs punishment. Hebenizer Howard in the Garden city was saying that opium is to make people to work and since Greeks took billions of money from the EU but they don’t go to nature to work and they rather mock the world by not applying the Memorandum rules which is in plain words to reduce wages to the level of Eastern and Central Europe, then opium to these hypocrites is a good suggestion. And through Hebenizer Howard text is evident the logic that because Greek public and private servers do not go to nature to work behave in a disgust way to and they destroy life, so a radical measure for speeding up their way to the wild should be opium because that would be fair for the people who have income in nature such as the fishermen and they deserve equal respect among other professions.

Greeks may bring excuses but by answering simply to their problems and reducing them then, the reveletion of the true nature of Greek neofascism which is abhorrence to work, is done.

Greece should have one national day and this should be on the sadness from Turkey, in 13th September 1922, and is more likely Turkey not to have problem on this. Greece do not deserve to celebrate anything about Turkey after the burn of Izmir. A sad ceremony fits better. Besides and more importantly the whole of Greece do not feel motivated on the 25th of March which refers to 1821 because half of Greece was liberated after this. Refugees from Asia Minor are in every Greek family, half of the Greek population were from Turkey in 1922 when they arrived in Greece. So the above is an example how a Greek problem is solved in a phrase because is a demand of the EU not to have national days against the Italians. Greece doesn’t even discuss this in the parliament so the question is for the Prime Minister of Greece whether he deserves to use opium or not.

As for the US Americans the Greeks call their military help every so often, as in the example of the Greek soldiers imprishoned in Turkey. Again a phrase is a solution to this mental problem for the leader of the Greek arm forces which is that the US Americans are not humans any more since they bombed Japan, so a discussion with Turkey is necessary on an honesty basis. Is not accepted a coup of terrorists who murdered 232 people in Turkey to ask assylum in Greece and Greece not to understand that guns do not fit in a parliament whichever it is.


Species produce technology, and either it is a joint effort of many spider indiviuals the result is that spiders use algae from a garden to walk and carried seaweed more than 5 metres where the washed by the wave algae were deposided, they climbed a tree of 2 metres at least, and combined the nematodes of the algae to make economy of their net. This is the fate of species globally, to evolve with the genes being around to them. This technique proved effective because the spider species caught an ant without using protein which requires moisture to make. It is a good way to protect from heat in dry season, based on the stronger part of the anatomy of the species. A spider web is a proteinaceous spider silk. Spider webs have existed for at least 100 million years, and the adaptation to a new method may mean that the silk of spider may be in danger due to hot season. A spinneret is a silk-spinning organ and in most spiders has highly complex structures of many microscopic spigots, each producing one filament. This is important partly because it produces the necessary orientation of the protein molecules, otherwise the silk net of spiders would be weak and useless. Since it is proteinaceous is easy to understand that is made from amino acids which contain basic molecules such as hydrogen, oxygen which are derived from other food or water, and from nitrogen. In the wild, most will drink water from any available source such as droplets on vegetation or the ground, and from early morning or evening dew that has condensed on their webs. So water is very important to them and a clever garden with algae can save many spider species. For the human beings this is a scary finding about the shortages of water moisture in the air due to the oil spill damage in the atmosphere, due to carbon dioxide emmissions from the decomposition of oil from the ship wreck. The spiders responed seven to eight months after the incident which is a prediction of the terrible in shortage of water following summer.

The brown algae cause with their chemistry anesthesia to the ant and they work instead of the web. The brown algae powder is a weed killer and the smelly part of the carotenoid (fucoxanthin protein) works as chloroform to ants, making teh job for the spider.

Spider’s next step

The deposit of large mass in a small in width web is an experiment of the spider. The spider soon in a matter of one week as a whole meaning as a species in the niche realise that this deposit of a silky in texture algae, is too heavy for keeping it on the web structure. Because although of the fact that the spider discovered that the brown algae create anesthesia to the ant, makes a second more serious effort. The spider places chips of algae in a wider array of its web. The revealing of that was after the pruning of the tree. deposits of algae to cats

Chips of algae in the spider’s web


Ecosystem management

it is achievable to change colours and size to insectsIt is achievable to change colour and size in mosquitos

It is the result of hard work according to the need not the profit in dry areas. Of course this need is the water, and compost piles which give shadows to worms,  create a substrate to moisture. This moisture adds continually and the mosquitos abandon their pale, black and grey colour which gives sadness to children because of lack of taste or biodiveristy as the ecolologists say. The more moisture the better for this fly which gathers in tanks of aquarium waters, aiming for small other insects as pray and not for humans. In a large city of 4 million people, the size of the human population is not the reason so as to see evolution in hand because the human flesh is not attracting to mosquitos. In contrary the lack of variety in insects renders humans as the only source of protein for the remainings. So it is a good ecosystem management to increase nature in quantity and let the decide nature itself which quality or aestheric value will present to human eyes.

Cat evolution

The cat mades a strip of ocher colour and this observation was done next the beson’s position inside the garden which is next to a dry field. Dry field in May in Greece means mainly shrubs with the relative colur. The reason of the rapid deformation in a usual black cat is that the cat mother sees all other female of animal species in its area. A man who deposits pebbles at the eco niche of the cats creates the sense to the taste of the cat’s mother that new food is coming. And this is what it happens, the human family deposits after in the same niche food from bones of chicken with a little protein flesh from the kitchen. This food is the delight for the cat individual who can accomplish the target of evolution in the specific niche. In other words the cat “family” makes an effort with other food proteins to reach a colour for wool which can combine the camouflage hiding from the tarmac which is black and the chance of food against other cat individuals from further away areas, so as to find these pieces of meat, without disturbance in the ocher in many months colour of the stems of dry bushes.


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