No celebration

Are we going to go to fishing with a celebration? Slow we go after the ship wreck. I find money from other sources from book science books and literature ones for earning money for buying new fishing gear when I judge.


I want to make a second claim, I may do it later on, but not for confusing in the near future the calendar I do it now.


The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is a weak man because for weeks and months on and after the oil spill said nothing about the incident. By the end of March brought the Space scientists who worked in NASA Krimitzis because Venus and Jupiter are apparent on the Athenian sky because of the oil spill and that is hell on our planet in terms of heat. The oil spill decomposing objects of Methane and carbon dioxide trapped heat and sun rays in the Athenian sky that made Venus and Jupiter able to photograph with a cheap camera of daily use. I have an answer for Mr Tsipras even for this space issue and it is that I got exams in Space Maths, Engineering and ICT in the EU which is more serious than him. How many lessons does Tsipras and his government need to take from the Scientists group so as to learn what happened in the oil spill disaster. I do not trust neither I ever had trusted this humiliating object for the Earth who is called Tsipras neither of his government which is 100% responsible for the oil spilll wreck. This is why I always take measure against him and this is why there is and there is always going to be small discripancies in the tax statements I provide because he constantly misinform and guides wrong the Greek citizens with his naive behaviour.

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