Dear Sir or Madame

Can I make a contract with you to own 1% of Greenland’s land? That would be a suggestion to the Catalonians about how other people might see their claim for independence. Greece can sign a contract with you for creating a special territory in Greenland with specific tax rules on a similar way that the Catalonians want to do with the rest of Spain. It is quite difficult for  a Greek human being to arrive at Nuuk because of the cost of fuel, but in case Greece acquire a double identity card one Greek and one Greenland’s then a special tax rule can apply so as Greeks to buy tax free from your supermarket at Nuuk whenever they want.  On that way Greenland will have as well benefit because you will create a second country within your island and you will trade without tax between the two countries the one dependent to Greece (1%) and the rest of your islander country dependent in a special way to the Danish Kingdom. I include my email address in case you want to answer me about the issue of copying the Catalonia idea and divide your island for a better off situation.

Kind Regards

Konstantinos Chatzis

BSc Environmental Science

Plymouth University


The Premier´s Office

P.O.Box 1015
3900 Nuuk


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