The Greek government lets unprotected companies like mine who make profits outside Greece. In the semester economic statements they change the related forms every so often and as result they caused frustration and confusion to my accountant Papanousi. With my accountant tried to fill the forms every time with a fair way to my business so as to gain the legal return from the Ministry of Economics that the sales in abroad are binded to. That fact brought the differences between my pc which has all the real data from my earinings and the government’s statements and I can not hide my disappointment to the Greek government for this. In relation to this on a 56 pages text written by myself that I handed to three Greek ministries explaining the reasons that brought an enormous oil demand on the day of opening of schools which is on the 10th of September each year and coincides with the day of the ship wreck of Agia Zoni II, I received in response only one word and I have the way to prove this answer with documentation. My aim as a professional environmentalist is to help the Greek society to solve as much as it can be the problems in energy demand and a lot of people I am sure that they would argue that only one word in response of thousands of words explaining the bad behaviour that evolves during the day of opening schools every year, is too little and prehaps in a great extent this reveals the guilt of the Greek government.


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