Athens Greece 30/5/2018

Dear Sir or Madame

Driven by the bad experience of France to destroy life at sea the wish may be the fascism of Greece not to end so detrimental as France’s Pacific who made nuclear tests with no reason and eliminated life in the Pacific Ocean for the past and the years to come. Excuses in bad situations may be found but they don’t change the fact that is still unaccepted the example of France to kill plankton, fish, sharks, whales, octopuses and all the small life at sea such as mussels, oysters, clams, limpets, sea slugs, sea snails and so many other species of intrinsic value. Greece on the other hand has a fascist stradegy against the Republic of Macedonia but hopefully is far away so as to end up to be as bad as France. The well known fasicsm in Greece is the opposition to the Makedonijan nation for no reason at all. When there is an issue merely with a nationality then this is apparently a fasicst issue, as it was the Jewish nationality issue in Germany, whereas when the issue is the French nationality the critiques start from the nuclear tests.

There are ideas for giving even more critiques on both of these countries by participating for example separate in the Eurovision song contest and reveal to the world a desire at least to solve. Greece can split the participation in the Eurovision into Greece and Southern Macedonia so as the territory of Southern Macedonia to distinguish from the Republic of Makedonija and on that way cover the demand for the Aegean Greek Macedonians who want their name to be heard internationally but this can be with a cost. That would be the first small step against Greeks who demonstrate in a fascist way that Macedonia is only Greek. Macedonia is not all Greek and the reasons behind racism and fascism are that many people have problems, they don’t understand that school is good for them, they were not going to school, they were making many absences from school without a penalty for that, they have gaps in knowledge and memory, and that is why they don’t recognise the nowadays Greek Salonica born Cyril, who gave the Cyrillic alphabet to the world and thanks to this Saint the Slavs have their written form of their language.   A referendum among Greeks is another suggestion so as to decide how the world should know the Greek part of Macedonia, Southern or Aegean, and also as a more understandable with less cost solution is to make an airline company with the name Aegean Macedonian Fly and advertise that so as their name Aegean or Southern Macedonia to have a place alongside the name of the Republic of Makedonija, and the Northern Greek counterparts not to feel that their name of the Greek part of Macedonia will not be as famous world wide. Perhaps people at the North of Greece where the Greek Macedonia part is located choose not to go to the dentists and spend their money through their very high and illegal wages (according to Memorandum 1 with the EU and the IMF) in stupid things,  so they have problems with their teeth, they can’t say the word Makedonija with a jae at the end pronounciation and they are hard to take any suggestion to call the Republic of Makedonia as Makedonska so as to have a distinctive sound from the Greek part of the area of Macedonia.


Fascism creates meaningless societies where values are depreciated and the rule of law receives confusion. Even the concepts of  success or failure in such problematic societies are also becoming difficult to recognise. The French identity and the Greek one have stains because of the reasons explained, but not all the French neither all the Greeks agreed with the bad things connected to these nationalities. The people of France in the Pacific are among the first who wouldn’t want the nuclear tests whereas the educated people in Greece who have trained to help others don’t want to feel that they help a fascist society, and racist to the Republic of Macedonia. The point therefore is that on the NATO invitation day for Macedonia which is the real day for the defeat of the Greek fascists, the level of that defeat to be as much bigger as it can be. The charactiristics of the Greek regime are similar to the Nazi’s in the sense that they wanted to take out of the history books the word and the nation Macedonia. The Nazi’s wanted to put the lesson about the Arian theory in a similar way and they failed. The whole of that history makes people to be worrying, because of the obvious questions about how some racists who are also judges or in important governmental positions can have even the minimum thoughts or hopes that they can succeed in the removal of the nation Macedonia from the books worldwide. The previous  is outrageous and can not happen because this is what the history of the Nazi’s proves so the only thing that remains is that the world should know the level of stupidity connected to the Greek fascists. Excuses based in ancient history may exists but the Nazi Germans had also excuses in feeling unjust by the treaty of the First World War. Actually there is too little evidence from ancient times that  that can link Macedonian life to nowadays in a direct way in every aspect of modern life but it rather can in a small percentage to it.

The Greeks made huge parades shouting that Macedonia is one and only Greek,  but since their argument is wrong and false, these parades reveals themselves that were about other reasons to demonstrate and probably these reasons were about homosexuality. Homosexulaity is not banned in many parts of the world and the major of Salonica which is the second largest city in Greece supported such parades, because a large percentage of Salonicans inhabitants participated in these demonstarions.  The mayor had no other choice other than be friendly to the homosexuals whereas himself is not a homosexual. However the hypocicy of those homosexuals mainly the gays ones as opposed to the lesbians was so big that they organised crime against the mayor. The irony is that they tried to murder the person who encouraged them, the brave mayor who let a controled permission for such kind of homesexual acts on the streets.

The name of the Southern part of Macedonia is Erekta Makedonia which comes through ancient and means genetic pride. As a single word can stay for a use in present days on the prerequisite that humor exists about this word Erekta. Of course in a society that sees things opposite around the ones who have humour for the Erekta – genetic pride – word receive prosecution by the fascists and the fascists receive more chances to increase their population because this is government’s will. However logic implies that rational people should not be offended with jokes about this funny Erekta name which has the sound and meaning of the genetic play before human reproduction. In direct relation with the previous misunderstandings, the results were rediculous horrible and even catastrophic violent situations which occured in Greece whereas the conclusion is to believe in positive values as opposed to tricks of the fascists and the racists. Even not to believe in the court of justice and not tot believe in whole governmental bodies is the outcome of this terrible and ongoing fascist group within Europe which disturbs Europe. Therefore the message to the whole of Europe whether is geographical or constitutional should be strongly opposite fascism and it is to have faith that the happiness can always prevail against the violent wrong and miseducated groups.  People of such groups have found silly excuses so as to supress the innocent such as the Macedonian Republicans. Ways for the evil can always be found but on the same time punishment of the evil can be found as well, with an ultimate question, about how much to punish so as to cease evil’s existence.


University of New Caledonia
Campus de Nouville, BP R4, Ave James Cook – Nouméa 98851 New Caledonia


University of New Caledonia – Universite de la Nouvelle -Caledonie

BP R4, Ave James Cook, Nouméa 98851, Νέα Καληδονία

The punishment to those who oppose the Republic of Macedonia can be economic because most of those who expressed their fascism received unproductive working positions in Greece, and among others they constitute the rude Greek police or the arrogant Greek media and the lazy public sector. They earn too much but they produce too little whereas the not working Greek system overall produces numerous shipwrecks quite often, with dead people. The solution is for the ”non workers” to let their wroking positions and see from the beggining how hard is a work that profits on sustainable ways. The bailout money given by the EU and the IMF to Greece was the biggest in the history of the world for the reasons explained. It was logical Greece to fail and the answer to why this happened is because a lot of Greek people think that they are good in their works but they don’t see the economic numbers which explain that Greece depends too much in imports rather to Greek products. In comparison to the neighbouring former communists countries Greece seem to have an advantage because people learnt to open their own businesses in a free economic system. This fact increases the GDP, however though most of the businesses do not last in time, they are giving a short term kind of economic breath but in long term they fail. They create an economic circle with money owned from all sides, from government to businesses and from businesses to public insurance or tax and this is in many cases an unstopable process. Strikes in Greece are very often and they contribute to the evil recipe of nowadays Greece that pulls down in chaos the good part of the Greek society which is found in the industry and partially in effective agriculture in exports or in traditional jobs such as fishing or other land based earnings.

The fascism can rely only in lies, and on this occasion the Greek lies is that there are ties with ancient times from the Macedonian land. This theory proved false because on the day of opening of schools on the 10th September 2017, the oil spill of Agia Zoni II happened, and is quite clear what the new Greek parents teach to their children. They teach them to have high demands on oil to put a pressure in oil demand and not to get the inspiration from marvelous archaeology so as to make new docks for ports and avoid sea transport congestion on the high petroleum demand time. Or the new Greek parents do not do as well in economy so as to improve the Copernicus Satelite Survailance systtem for maritime safety with a strong branch in every EU country and so on.

By looking in more detail in the fraud argument about ancient links, Aristotle who distinguished the education disciplines is again a no lesson of Greek new parents to children because if it was there would be a clear understanding of the difference between geology of Macedonia and human biology in terms of race or nation. In other words the geological formations are similar in all three parts of Macedonia with the most vivid example of Vardar River which starts from the Republic of Macedonia and ends up in the Greek Macedonia, and this gives another clear image that the land of Macedonia is certain in Geography. The Greek side uses almost mereley thr human biology argument which ends up to be a racist argument against other human biology with threats and VETO for the international institutions entry. The politicians behind the VETO can beb easily prosecuted because they have signed numerous documents alongside with the signatures of Britain, France and the Republic of Ireland where there are similar situations regarding names of geography. The British solved the issue with the Irish and the place Brittany in France is only in geology related to Britain because Brittany is more rocky compared to Normandy and finds a geological resemblance in a high percentage of rocky as well southern English coast. Therefore the question to the Greek politicians is why they agree with these types of common uses of the same name in other EU countries and they don’t do the same for the country of Macedonia.

France on the other hand have believed Greece with the name Former Yugoslav Republic but again there are numerous documents that prove that the Macedonian race or nation existed many decades before Yugoslavia. It is torturing to society and first of all to the Greek society the continuous atempt to link the pride of ancient Greece with today and this is not logical for the following reasons. Firstly there is not a single identity that is superior to others, and also it cannot be always the argument that because of some more archaeological findings there is an excuse to perform in a more lazy way today. The Greek numbers are aweful in economy and the archaeological theses cannot be a basis for politics.  However as part of the EU Greece has ways in direct or indirect way to face the consequences of not doing well in the EU family. The direct can be with stronger economic directives from the EU against Greece and the indirect by reduction of the western help to Turkey which can have as a result the downgrading of all the broader area as a lesson to be more productive and do not depend or build arguments from the past which have no logical, practical or significant economic meanings nowadays. It is an issue about identity or pride but it would be more preferable to just buy some more airplanes and make a strong airline brand the Aegean Macedonian Fly.


Middle School Jean Mariotti

10 Rue Pierre Sauvan, Noumea 98800, Νέα Καληδονία


Dear Sir or Madame

Cyril proves with his alphabet in a written way that in the broader area of Macedonia live Slavs since Cyril and Methodius but they lived also before that for many centuries before Cyril. Cyril gave his work to the Slavs he was a Byzantine and was born in Salonica. A logical suggestion  would be people not to retreat to the Greek pogrom against Macedonia which is since the independence of this country from Yugoslavia. The Greeks used fascist methods so as to remove the nation of Macedonia from the school books. The Nazis had the same aim to put the Arian theory in every book of the entire world but the Greeks failed to remove the lesson about what was Yugoslavia – which consisted of seven several states including Macedonia – from the books of the world and succeded only in the Greek books.

The Greek neofascism has affected bussineses in Greece which find shut doors in the Republic of Macedonia and the people of Macedonia are right to do so because of the unfairness they experienced. Greeks opposed too much the Republicans but on the other hand made rich the Albanians with many millions of Euros. Albanians received a welcome in Greece and worked mainly in the Olympic games construction of 2004. That brought a strong ethnic Albanian increase of population in Kumanovo and in the broader area, such as in Kosovo whereas the Macedonian Republicans felt that, with the claim from the ethinc Albanians to be Albanian the second official country of Macedonia.

Macedonia doesn’t have other regions such as Thessaly, Thrace, Sterea Hellas etc as Greece has. The Republic of Macedonia is only Macedonian land so logic implies that Greece takes the double name.  Greece has ways to save the name Aegean Macedonia for the Soutthern and Greek part of this land and there are many ideas such as to make an air company with the name Aegean Macedonia Fly and compete with the name Republic of Macedonia.  The Ministry of foreign affairs of Greece insists in hisory before Christ BC and this is not serious because the data are limited are in fraction and no one can draw a conclusion. Before Christ mentions are only way to hide or to believe that can excuse fascist politics of unfairness.

Ilidenska Macedonia is a good name because it signifies the common struggle of Greece and other nations in Macedonia and Thrace against the Ottomans. Those who don’t accept the name Ilidenska either they don’t know history or are descendants of the Ottomans who didn’t die in these battles. These Ottomans have power nowadays in Greece- they provide votes to the politicians and the politicians count that – or the politicians are also among the Ottomans who survived that era. These Ottomans in souls nowadays have power in the Greek media channels and they cut the history parts in their briefs because of cowardship binded to the Ottoman identity in Greece which is widely known as ”turkish – seeds”. They have nothing to do with the Muslims in Thrace, -Komotini, Xanthi – who are proud of what they are and to the turkish – seeds are due to them most of the modern Greek problems.

The best name for the Republic of Macedonia is Republic of Macedonia. Perhaps people at the North in Greece choose not to go to the dentists and spend their money through their very high and illegal wages in stupid things,  so they have problems with their teeth, they can’t say the word Makedonija with a jae (македониjа) at the end pronounciation and they are hard to take any suggestion to call the Republic of Makedonia as Makedonska so as to have a distinctive sound from the Greek part of the area of Macedonia. However the later is perhaps of minor importance.


Ss Cyril and Methodius University Skopje

blvd. Goce Delcev 9, 1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia


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