Athens Greece 16th of June 2016


Dear Sir or Madame


It seems that the Macedonian issue created by fascist Greeks is coming to a wining end inside Greece because internationally that is solved already many years ago by proper knowledge of the history. Pirin is Macedonia also and rationality dictates that there should be a concern because Pirin is still Northern Macedonia and has the same geography (North) as the agreement about the Republic of Macedonia to change their name, which is their traditional and historic name of the Republic that everyone practically knows. None logical human have doubted about the name of the Republic of Macedonia all over the world.

When the issue is about a nation such as the Macedonian nation, which is something bigger than a family or the self, then those who oppose it the nation are better understood by grouping them as something bigger than the family or the self. The ones within Greece who opposed Macedonia therefore for so many years are classified as a group. Based on my personal horrible experience in Greece since the VETO in 2008 I can give attributes to the individuals of this fascist group by things and words they were hiding and they didn’t say them or they even said, however their whole life style and behaviour meant to have said these and more terrible words. For ten years since the VETO the fascist group tried to bend logical people with offences to sit in the court three times for myself as if their values are something superior as every fascist believe so. The fascist- antifascist battle is about power, and my aims were to diminish their power with every means I had.

Fascists have common characteristics and as it is a matter of power I won’t and I didn’t hesitate to use hard words so as to link their wrong and anti-cooperative logic and prove them false and evil. Here is my sum of ten fascists with an attempt to humiliate them based however on true stories and true feelings I experienced mainly at working places when I tried to explain to them that it is wrong to oppose a nation (Macedonian nation) for no reason and it is also wrong to block their participation in the International Institutions, which is their future and also EU’s target and positive dream.

Let see the nasty people who joined their powers to the VETO one by one after my meetings with them.

Fascist 1. ‘’I am the only Macedonian in the world!’’

Fascist 2. “I mate with the only Macedonian in the world and he has a fast car!”

Fascist 3. ‘’I’ll break your face, I vote the other side’’

Fascist 4. ‘’I’ll break your head my boss is the one’’

Fascist 5. ‘’I am the dominant boss inside this workplace and I get excited with my story about King’s Alexander troops and I shout about them with all glory to me’’

Fascist 6. “The one with a luxury car is a Macedonian right and the one with the slow car is a Macedonian wrong’’

Fascist 7. ‘’I am with the luxury side but don’t say my name’’

Fascist 8. “What? You are not with my side? I’ll crime you”

Fascist 9. ‘’I’ll demolish you anyway, I am certain, I know things’’

Fascist 10. ‘’I go to the homosexual anti-Macedonian demonstration as a Greek not as an EU citizen’’

The aftermath of the Greek racist opposition to the Republic of Macedonia (Northern)

Fascists are of all kind, they are “polite fascists”, “fascists with knowledge” and silly methods, and they are “flirting fascists”, “child bearing fascists”, “wealthy fascists”, “tasty fascists”, “fascists with identity and property” but above all they are only fascists and of course they are weak fascists, homosexual fascists, sick fascists, and cancer patient fascists.

People who opposed the Republic of Macedonia were greedy for power. They are people who sought the concentration of powers in groups without examining what is right and what is wrong. They felt that by having a powerful group that will lift them higher up in the society and that they could affect the government on their behalf. The theory about the fascists who dominated Greece’s foreign politics is the aftermath of a horrible situation and a practice to avoid for the years to come.

Most of the people of such groups are with low skills and that is why with their actions promote average and below average levels of societies. An average society suits them because they perform average themselves and they believe that by creating noise and trouble they can still get paid high by thinking on the same time that they can hide under the noise they create. In other words they create non-existent issues such as the opposition to Macedonia issue so as to hide their inadequacy at work. They think they are brave and they promote that their actions are for the pride of their country’s flag but how can be the cut of the relationship with a border nation a brave thing is a question.

The Macedonian oppositionists belong to the similar groups of people who opposed the Memorandums of Greece with the EU and the IMF which are laws of Greece and the EU and the reasons were merely the same, such as to keep their low productive positions at work with higher wage than the law says.

Fascism is a global issue with branches, which evolve from time to time to different parts of the world, and there should be a strategy against those people. Fascists have not a real nationality because nation is an ethical value and has attributes either gained by belonging to it, or offering to it, and receiving the benefits of being part of it. These benefits may be of materialistic nature or of emotional value and many people would argue that they feel better when they do something good for their countries.

Fascists use techniques such as to create shock, they have gatherings in squares and media channels they create a culture of a fake nation in the Internet and so on. By watching on what they say and by trying to translate their message in a broader perspective is rather evident that they don’t add much in a positive direction of solving problems. Because of the later their concentrations in public receive humiliation by being classified as homosexual ones, for the simple reasons that in massive demonstrations and gatherings of no sense people find at least the chance to be in close contact with body parts of individuals of the same sex.

Silence to the problems is a situation average people want to bring within society perhaps because they cause most of the problems and discussion about important issues such as science, or economics or any other discipline in a serious level is an easily avoidable task by them. They tend to bring issues in the society of minor importance in a falsely way of thinking that non-serious issues are the most popular.

In the case of Macedonia these people never discussed history not even at the minimum depth of the treaty of Bucharest of 1913 and they were pretending for years that they didn’t know it. Even in that case the question is still big about how is it possible to forget what they learnt at school or to have Alzheimer behaviour for their great grandfathers who knew the truth about the past. Apparently fascist is to go against the own self or in other words the own genes of a human or the genealogical tree for presumably short-term benefits of making a powerful group so as to ask things.

With their slogan “Macedonia is Greek’” they talk as if the Romans the Byzantines or the Ottomans in a time range of twenty centuries never existed and this is crazy. The fascist logic is to try to break the nerves of the opponents by knowing nothing, offering minimum and demanding everything from a nation that they wrongly define.

To belong to nation has a requirement to know basic things bout that nation.. By fracturing the history of it and subtracting two thousand years of history this fact reveals the evil cause of the existence of the fascists groups. In ancient history there is not as such evidence, the data are limited and the pages survived too few so, as to be able to say much about this far past. People who know the later and pretend they don’t know it, have the aim to create chaos in the society. A chaos situation these people falsely believe that is a kind of a defensive barrier so as to perform minor or major illegal activities, to disobey to the EU economic laws and avoid the new systems either because they don’t understand them or because they seem difficult.

Average people believe that within societies that compete in a fair an equal way within the free market economy, they have fewer chances to survive and they promote unfairness as their means, which is catastrophic. They try to secure their small economics by shutting doors of cooperation to foreign nations.

Some people may argue that EU is something new there wasn’t as such time to adaptation or by being more accurate some countries such as Greece didn’t have the economic structure to withstand the European monetary union. Other European countries had liquidity, bonds or equities linked with economic centres and deposits whereas the lack of knowledge in economics by Greece led to bailout money, which is a path to the grave as some economists say.

Fascists is a hard word but even no matter how they are called the reference is an example of non productive society in the primary sector and this has real pain but can take an attempt for explanation. The percentage of failure is very high when a society, which has problem in the primary sector, invests in many other professions apart from the primary production ones. A society, which has too many architects and lawyers and accountants, compared to the primary sector means that if the primary sector doesn’t perform good there should be a shift in the choices of degrees. Lawyers and accountants are useful in London for example but England as a whole is full productive so there is very much space in the capital city for non-primary sector jobs. However Athens as the capital of Greece by being more sustainable than other Greek regions doesn’t mean that the total Greek effort of sustainability is reached because Athens should assist others areas of Greece to reach sustainability. In Athens we see many architects specialised at homes but this is not the only thing the countryside needs. Specialised professions in the  industry can make the economy sustainable and such professions are in lack in Greece. Athens has finished its main home construction and the wrong about profession choice was to produce too many house architects for something that has already been done. On the contrary some people would argue that Athens needs a refurbishment but again the opposite argument is that the landlords can do that job by hiring some technicians rather than the whole society of Athens to have so little variety in working skills. Architecture is the top profession of the world but the way this profession is reached has a lot of discussion. Parents advice their children to be architects because this is the top job,  but again their method was to create easy ways with low standard schools to acquire such degrees and the whole attempt failed whereas the results are seen in the countryside of Greece where the grade of sustainability is equal to the lowest African levels.

It is not a coincidence that the country that has the most fascists in Europe performs the worst in the economy of all Europe and this is Greece. Ancient times have nothing to say because nature is evolving and humans are part of it. The task of Greek teachers is to say at least to the young the truth, to explain that success in life is not something easy and cannot be through the forcibly opposition to other nations based on the fascist logic such as ”the Greek Macedonians are better or more Macedonians than the rest of them” without proving anything about it. A specific piece of land should give similar chances for prosperity whether it is Northern or Eastward and those who felt the racism and unfairness should get help so as to compensate back to a fair situation. The Greek school is good but the isolation of Greece due to the insisting of the ancient glory seen today in some rocks falling in Acropolis is one of the biggest errors of Greece against its own people.

The prime minister of Greece who delivered the Olympic Games of 2004 was the same who imposed the VETO in the Republic of Macedonia. Under this regime there was a racist policy in the choice of workers for the Olympic Games who were allowed to be from every country but except from Macedonia. The average work gives again its presence because many of the Olympic Games facilities rot in ruins many years after the Games.

The Greek policy made the Albanians rich and assisted their sustainability and this was the target of the regime so as to use the Albanians and put pressure through the ethnic Albanians to the Macedonian Slavs population and reduce them. Racist discrimination is a crime and the Greek regime in a racist way gave jobs and strengthened Albanians starting with the Olympic Games and through the Albanian prosperity and competition to the Macedonians managed to bring low birth statistics in Macedonian cities which have ethnic Albanian minorities.

Some people believe that death is not tragic but even the death of the unborn children is tragic. Greece is a giant economy in respect to the other two, so Greece played an unfair referring role between the Albanians and the Macedonians. Greece consistently supported, hired, cooperated with Albanians so as to suppress the Macedonian Slavs and this plan worked. The proof of that is that there was an issue for second official Albanian language in Macedonia the Albanian language. The later is logical to happen because the Albanians were linked to the large for the region Greek economy and they were increasing population whereas the Slavic Macedonian population was falling in villages where both ethnic groups live.

The Greek regime at about the time of the VETO was unfair and not right even in the inside of Greece. Priority was given to the Northern Greece and an example is the road Egnatia that invited drivers to cross the Adriatic Sea but with no measures for safety on board so the shipwreck of Norman Atlantic occurred with dozens of dead people. There is no point to try to give so much investment merely to a road to areas that lead to Vergina Museum if this investment is not joined with ports progression as an example practice. Ancient is too far from the past and many other civilisations and rules changed ancient forever and ancient offers too little knowledge that can not save societies from  shipwrecks.

At the time of the VETO the port of Patras was full of immigrants who were trying to get into lorries and illegally to cross the border to Italy. Instead of using resources for making the VETO the Greek regime should have cured the port. The immigrants entered the ship Norman Atlantic and on the cold’s winter journey they probably set a fire in the garage so as to warm up. This probably is the reason of the damage because the fire burnt olive oil that had been carried in lorries and eventually the whole ship was burnt.

Greece after all the below average managements at about the VETO time reached soon after to the worst economic condition ever a nation in the developed world has reached and this can’t be a surprise. The average people in the society took controlled of jobs, affected judges, and threatened with power to issues of no logic and worse of all convinced EU member States that they are right to call Macedonia FYROM. At the same time the ethnic Albanian minority in Macedonia and the ethnic Albanian majority in Kosovo was growing in economic numbers, in esteem and even in chauvinism with a Greek back up. The news of the Balkans played the drone with the big Albanian flag flying inside the Belgrade Stadium, which is another indication of where unfairness may reach.

More on this the target of the EU is the European fulfilment, which means all the nations should join the EU if they want.  However the wish of average people was against the EU target and a way to face these fascists groups is to know more about them and to keep distance from them. When irrationality, illegality, corruption, average people or chaos prevail in one sector of the society such as the foreign policy is quite certain that similar results will occur in other aspects within the society. For example boats will not to be safe to use, ports will not operate properly, and hypocrisy overall will dominate the daily life. The oil spill of Agia Zoni II occurred on the day of opening of schools in Greece on the tenth of September 2017. However the fascist groups demonstrated as if they teach their children about ancient Macedonia and this is a lie. Reality proves that the new families don’t teach their children about ancient Philip. New parents teach their children to be average to not know the limits of an industry and of course they teach to put pressure on the oil demand in the gas station. The captain of the shipwreck is Greek and he doesn’t live in a different world. Apparently the captain sees when there is high demand of petroleum and he risked it so as to earn on the day of opening of schools more money, because the demand of petroleum reach very high in this specific day.

The average people want to teach the society that is not good to walk or to do social work in local community and they insist in a chase of oil without taking any measure with the renewable energy systems so as to reduce its use. The captain of the shipwreck Agia Zoni II obviously overloaded the ship with oil cargo, the ship decreased in its reserve buoyancy, probably the load line submerged and the ship sunk. The responsibility or the guilt for the shipwreck is to the whole of the Greek society for the shipwreck, not only to the captain. However society dared to say that they discuss King’s Alexander in their homes and this is a naive and provocative excuse to give as if there are not people who understand what has happened in terms of nature’s damage.

It would be rather better instead of Alexander name the discussion to bring names which are alive in meaning today and have something to say, as opposed to ancient Kings of warfare that have nothing to say. Samuel Plimsoll is an alive name of the recent past and he was campaigned heavily for the safe loading of ships in 1870’s.

Besides when the issue comes to serious grounds such as maritime safety and the relation of safety to the economy then the phrase ‘Macedonia is Greek’ which is crazy and hysteric shows that there is not a desire for discussion in the community but there should be. If petroleum fails so badly then obviously other forms of energy gain advantage and need a debate. For example the nuclear power is the remedy a lot of people suggest for petroleum as safer to oil.

The European Union relates the market with the security of ships and publishes through the European Maritime Safety work pack of rules of the market economy joined in importance to the effect of them to maritime safety. Honesty is the basic principle so as to start discussing about anything, however if the society cannot provide humans to teach what happened in the shipwrecks and which major reasons are behind these accidents then none ports will become better and this is a failure. What is the real priority of the society is a serious question, whether it is to find evidence for ancient Philip or reasons why the nature has been destroyed and people died due to shipwrecks.

The high levels of petroleum in the case of Agia Zoni II at the port of Piraeus gave large quantities of carbon dioxide in the air because this is the cycle that oil performs in the water. Petroleum at sea in large quantities first decomposes in carbonic acid by specifically evolved bacteria and then carbonic acid becomes carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide traps sun rays and this had a horrible outcome to be able a photographer to picture Venus on the Athenian sky.

No matter what a court may judge about the guilt of the accidents people in the EU should wonder whether it does worth to use oil so much and see Venus in the sky or if it is better to walk and use wind turbines, solar systems and nuclear plants. Then a series of questions to the self may continue such as, is the life style show worth the effort, are all the films useful, are the texts written in personal computers with renewable resources, has it been a proper water management so as to produce water and trees for the paper used in documents, is the quality of food as such high so as to create people able to discuss in a high standard and so on.

The blame for the Greek extremes against the Republic of Macedonia was not the lack of books at school. Books were explaining practically everything, the problem was the coincidence of the Macedonian independence in 1991 with the Maastricht treaty events. A lot of people in Greece felt at that period in around 1992 and afterwards that the EU will make them rich in one step process but this was a terrible illusion. The prospect of the new European currency misled part of the Greek society who felt strong compared to the Republicans of Macedonia and many Greeks were waving money to Macedonians in a provocative way. These groups of Greek people revealed their Ottoman souls from their past by being unfair to the Republic of Macedonia and this is why when the suggestion for the Ilindenska Macedonia came into office Greeks rejected it because they can go against everything else, apart of some Greece’s tough Ottoman souls. Ilindenska Macedonia as a name is showing friendship to both Bulgaria and Greece because Ilinden happened in Bitola, Salonica and Alexandroupolis and of course it has finished at the early of the 20th century. Ilinden as name is not Northern Macedonia so as to inflict with the Pirin Northern Macedonians – Bulgarians.

In the Bucharest treaty of 1913 there is a sentence for a land stripe from Bulgaria to Alexandroupolis so as the Bulgarians to have road access for the use of the Aegean Sea. The three nations Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria are neighbours and there is not discussion whether or not they should cooperate. Of course they must do so and Ilinden’s history perhaps is an indirect symbolic name to show that three nations should be close to each other. Of course the Turks have gone to east since Ilinden so there wasn’t an issue to ask the Turks about the Ilinden name.  The biggest issue is to ask the Greeks why they have been unfair.



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