To Unite Macedonia

Because is good for environmental purposes. One land is the drainage of the Vardar river up to Blagoevgrad region make it easier for NATO to grow up more army in general and reduce from Greece giving that way more prosperity to Greece first of all because it lets the world behind, and first of all themselves the Greek Universities they don’t teach anything right. The history of Macedonia never taught properly because of racist strategy which always fails. noisly and badly it brings confusion to people in countries around. It teaches no honesty, no life without crime, no peace, no competence for proper management of anything and anywhere, such as safe boating the first issue that went together with the economic crisis in Greece. People by starting from something wrong they do all the rest wrong, they would think that there is a kind of devilish hero that causes shipwrecks. The proper answer to this is to destroy evil. Adolf Hitler is not a name of an airport anywhere in this planet, the same should apply for Musollini if there was such application in Italy but there isn’t whereas on the other hand there is Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Greece Athens. It is well known the story and should not be forgotten the Greeks started the Balkan wars, and there is no such thing as they predicted the side of the Bulgarians on the second world war. Someone who kills is a criminal anyhow either if he had predicted a crime a second or a century after his or her mass killings of population in the Macedonian region. For ancient excuses this is the argument of the other side to show that their religion is better than Christianity by crucifying the ancient of Greece instead of real God. By shouting by the south side so loud Macedonia is something this mean they don’t want their situation as it is now, they want a change and they should produce phrases for that.

Ways to achieve this is to disagree strongly with the ancestors of the butcher Venizelos, as it is already happening. An example of that is the singer and composer of music Theodorakis who was giving support to the Greek people under the junta events in 1974 with the song Myrsini. Then he changed that and he said that he is regretting because he is a Cretan same country as Venizelos. This is the way of the group that is gonna and still does works strongly to put things in place based in the above reality. Stating the previous another one time is that there is no justification of crime in this planet. The way of the group means the way they are gonna value their speaking accordingly, and what specific words they may use or not. A word such as a weapon may hurt females and males people in the press use that but is a matter of fact who says this to who. A Greek to say the word weapon is an impossibility whatsoever.  Again this is a proof of the impossibility of coexistence of many Greeks and many Bulgarians because of minor things. A toy of a gun it may be a game but some people who want to say the word gun should remember also the true history of Europe which is to condemn and not to award fascism such as the one of the ex prime minister of Greece Eleftherios Venizelos.

The expression is an important thing in human society and by having a majority that believes in the works of a fascist with symbols and numbers and airport posts and street names and so many others so on, is a condemned situation to fail. People will be always confused and they will not live in today’s terms, era, whichever these are. Violence will co exist among the ancestors of Venizelos who want to hide Theodorakis for his song truth that gave right to the Bulgarian people of Macedonia by saying do not forget this piece of history. How many times after his singing they broke his home is an answer that this criminal society exists still, and is composed from those who do not understand the crowd in Greece who shouts for something that is supposingly nasty to them and accuses Greece itself.

Historically the Bulgarians were and are a proud nation of their own side and in the war they did what their side was doing but to carry on a project the need of doing cannot be judged through war because war is always and ever wrong. The philosophy of some people with Greek identity in Salonica is unaccepted because when someone tells them the Bulgarian people were resident here their answer would scare all by being this answer as a dead cannot be a resident anymore, of course it is a reminder of what happened but the ancestor of the killer should find more specific terms to express any agony out of this instead of being not welcoming to a EU foreigner wherever and when this is from.

The theory of the fascist side of Venizelos is well known and is that they did the war for liberating Crete. I do a machine for swimming is a very old way to say I sell to you a swimming costume because the buyer is not so stupid, the person who buys wants to know what buys what specific characteristics compose the synthesis of this product, what material is made of and if it is a machine in mechanical parts and in which array do they make the final product. Therefore a hairdresser is not for drying hair because everybody knows this, and by keep on speaking like this the result is the destruction of language whichever this originates from.

Lies hurt people of both sexes and by going back in time the news of a Cretan soldier coming in Salonica without the purpose to marry anyone would hurt the female. And this is what Eleftherios Venizelos didn’t do, she didn’t marry any Bulgarian woman in Salonica and instead of that he kept his wife. This fact creates a pessimism to the female sex because such a vast groups of males coming from the other side of Greece and not showing what the female sex should expect is totally unaccepted. The advice of no marrying to the females of Salonica should not be forgotten especially on the Bulgarian neighbourhoods.

The well known song which is the official song of Macedonia is only an offensive song to humans and nations and history in every term of it apart of music which is also a violation of the natural flow of the creativity of the people in peaceful eras without governmental intervention of such ridiculous size and hostility. To construct commonplace theories is easy, of course a such wrong attitude wouldn’t behave better other than producing a stupid song. First of all this song anthem of the Greek side of Macedonia refers to Alexander the Great who is not from a Macedonian root because the currency of Albania the lek proves that. Secondly in the EU no one can be a barbarian and the sad about this is that the Greek residents of Salonica who sung so forcibly this song believe deep in their hurt that there is a superiority in nation something which is true in competitive terms in economic terms and so on, but is wrong to call a nation at the information era or the automative era of the future robotics attempts or any other future or in arctic future barbarians because this is far past where this term had a use. The previous is the culture of Venizelos legacy that should be to hit from both sides. Cartoons depicting Germans as being the only ”nationality” in the neaderdalensis era is ridiculous again.

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