Choice of a boating sector

There are layers of workers in the shipping industry the captains the owners are the high class which inform society what kind of world they want. Among the operators of large cruise boats are second class workers of the port that hosts the boats who are less capable to speak but the conditions of work or unemployment given by the large bosses in these boats is not the only problem.  People in any kind of class or nowadays generation have to admit that they don’t need large boat cruises . People above all need quality products and a cruise for example from Piraeus to Casablanca Morocco means nothing to the most descent people wherever they are.  It is old the generation of capitalism to boating because this kind of life style comes from the era after the war, whereas in the information era the messages from the healthy young is to go forward to the robotic era to clean up the seas with them from garbage, and not backwards towards individualism for a meaningless and so expensive boat cruise. So what need to be done is to invest in materials of nowadays age that are missing such as wood for helping other trees and stop the meaningless push of resources with these kind of large boats. Composite materials used for cruise ships create a chaos in the market price of fishing boats and societies should decide which is their priority, composite materials and metals for large cruisers or fishing boats.

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