Book reviews list (1)

1.The Population Bomb. Dr Paul R. Ehrlich. A Sierra Club/Ballantine Book. New York. 1968.

Paul Ehrligh

It is a book that sets the problem of overpopulation combined with the development of industry and the deterioration of the environment. It is a predictive and pessimistic book about the future of the earth and of Homo sapiens. The writer insists on a cruel way to say that there are two ways to solve the problem either to reduce the birth rate or to increase the death rate. The theory behind is the evolution and remarkable explanations on this such as that ”if the smog of Los Angeles had happened in one day the residents would run to evacuate the city, but because it happens slowly people learn to gradually adapt to it”. The writer says that he is with the side of people who want to improve the environment of the earth, the quality of food but also the equal distribution of food but he thinks that these people are a minority compared to the vast majority that they don’t care.

2. Bitter Medicine. Carlton Smith. St Martin’s Paperbacks. USA. 2000.

bitter mmedicine

It is a book about medicine in its extreme. A sick three day old baby dies and there is accusation for murder.  Through the disease of the baby there are some remarkable explanations of medicine in words easily understood. For example the lack of oxygen to the brain and the increase of carbon dioxide to it due to the metabolism that carries on is called acidosis.

3. The Leader. Guy Walters. Headline Book Publishing. England. 2003.

guy walters

A lot of people around the world don’t know the situation in Britain in the late 1930’s when fascism grown up in Germany. This book explains the awkward way a lot of British and other Europeans starting to deal with fascists such as Hitler and Mussolini. According to the story of the book fascism was popular because people in their misery couldn’t see other ways to improve their lives other than following the crowds that were promising benefits to the locals and ban on the immigrants. Churchill and King Edward are mentioned in this book as incapable in the beginning to deal with fascism. There is also accusation that mostly right wing people were seeing fascism as good and there were riots in London and trouble all over England about which route this country should have followed.

4. Edith’s Diary. Patricia Highsmith. Penguin Books. London, New York, Victoria Australia, Toronto, Auckland. 1980. 

Πατριτσια Highsmith

It is a prose that succeeds in a poetic way to describe everyday life and the happiness of it. Caring for the young boy, dreaming to fish and go away from Manhattan to have good time in Pennsylvania are parts of the happy binds of this book.  Its description of body styles, hairs, eyes, kitchen objects and food recipes is too detail that make a good atmosphere to read it.

5.The Eight. Katherine Neville.Ballantine Books. New York. 2008.

the eight 1

It is an adventure book that travels through time from the epic chess play of Charlemagne, to Paris in late 18th century and to New York at the time that people were bagging their clothes for a job there in a massive exodus. It supports feminist issues and due to unfairness to a woman in her first job in the States and the fight of the woman with her boss in the computer company the story goes to Algiers where Algeria takes a description of a Third World country.

6. The Wrecker. Clive Cussler and Justin Scott. Penguin Books. London, New York, Toronto, Dublin, Victoria Australia, New Delhi, New Zealand, Johannesburg. 2009. 

clive cussler

It is an extreme adventure with violent scenes description in much detail. Is a class war going on which on the one side are attorneys and bankers who use the trains of the rich owner who becomes mad and stern in finding catching or killing the saboteurs of his company. There is a lot of description of the train company’s achievement in terms of freight and passenger capacity to carry and the effectiveness of the telegraph system whereas on the other side there is the exaltation of those who want to change the world and have the guts to do so.



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