Meaning of life and arctic size flowers in lower latitude

denmark arctic seeds

The meaning of life through biology explains that we started from monocellular organisms. These A,B,C,D,E,F,Gs of genes bioaccumulated in a circular lets suppose arrangement and they received cellulose for a cell membrane. The spin of the earth does the proper arrangement making the A,B,C to escape from the cell and combine with the D,E,F genes of the nucleus of another cell. The result to us is the human being who is a creation of earth behaving on the rules of earth. In order to understand we can put the phrase we are earth so what is our role?

Basic answers is that we grow up we give offspring and then we die, but with only basic theory we cannot find a meaning so easily. Why do we do efforts with passion, why do we care for the nature in all these questions of beauty the answer is that we are made to be managers of our planet. What kind of planet is the question to us, what do we prefer to make on earth and what is our award for being good.

In the vastness of the Universe there should be other planets who behave closer to us and perhaps sooner or later creatures from other worlds may manage to stand a trip with a space shuttle and visit us. So the meaning to our selves to be a preference for this visit, simple words extraterrestrials should come to Earth because Earth is better than Venus which is hot as hell and not also all the rest planets that we know.

By looking in life expectancy we see that generation in peaceful life after Middle Ages wars live longer, so this is the evident award to live longer because we are good managers of the earth.

A flower of arctic size appears in Greece after many years and this is the whole picture of the climate change in the global level because the spin and tilt of the earth’s axis. The arctics should be prepared for hotter and the hotter for glaciers in the geological time. If this theory of the small size seed is correct then there is nothing else to do perhaps rather than admire the prediction of the biology of the flower that makes for Greece too soon.

The seeds of these flower by assuming they are from the previous glaciers era they should be too strong to resist all the previous conditions.

νεο ειδος

The same may be true for animals in the picture above, planaria lugubris can even be a relative to humans that didn’t shift in evolution terms to become a primate and stayed in a substitute level making also a strong seed to remain in condition ready for life again. It could have been as a seed for many thousands, millions, or billions years because of much slower evolution than us.

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