Premature Robotics

zinc food 1

Robotics on Earth

The mathematics are feron with atomic number 26 plus 22 from the atomic number of carbon dioxide equals to 48 which is Cadmium 48. As researchers say cadmium is found inside zinc 30 and apparently they are right because the oxygen of the carbon dioxide oxidise in other words subtracts a lot from the toxic cadmium 48. Zinc is food for the brain of the mammals it exists in more than 3000 thousands proteins of the human body and it is good for the guts. So the moral issue about premature robotics starts where else from the food they produce whether it is a good diet or not. Scientists say that zinc has many applications in medicine and it does worth a try. Fish love zinc because it increases the growth of their gills in juveniles rendering more adapted in any environment even in an aquarium.

The model can operate with a gear and is simple as that by adding carbon it slows down because carbon has atomic number 6 and the result is pure copper and zinc, it is as much as it can takes the iron cable from the carbon. By having more power in the battery without carbon the addition results in germanium which is more than zinc in atomic number is 32 whereas other substances such as nickel and cobalt are produced in smaller quantities not as such distinguishable. Nickel is hard metal and is used in producing lipids because it gives hydrogen to oils, such as the oil of a tree. Cobalt helps the cure of cancer, bomb of cobalt as it is known, and is produced artificially as cobalt 60 in molecular weight of an isotope.

periodic table 2

When the power is strong enough 90 ah power the fragile gallium is produced before the peak of Germanium, whereas at a power of a battery of 5 ah nickel and cobalt are produced with a peak in zinc. Germanium has appliances in tapes and by adding in the garden the human can imagine the result of tape adding on worms. Human can imagine film better based on their life, by combining photos in their mind deriving from the social media as an example in a fast rotating mode. Gallium has a use in semi conductors and in temperature measurement organs.

period table 1

There should be a limit though in power to those who think that the process can reach radioactive isotopes such as strontium or Rubidium which are slightly radioactive. A 10 Ah limit to the above experiment is an excellent example of how a nuclear physicist should work and inform other about the precautions. In every step forward there should be steps backwards such as the carbon addition which is a slow down in gear this is the philosophy of nuclear physics.

The whole above is a useful lesson to understand the philosophy of a nuclear plant which starts from the accident. The accident on the above nuclear transmutation procedure is to start with a battery of 1000 Watts and this wouldn’t be a suggestion because the observations of elements such as Nickel, Cobalt, Zinc etc would be lost to strontium possible production. Another way to prove that the nuclear reactions work correct without accident is to name the steps backwards in case this process goes toward strontium and these could be the slow down of the reactor with carbon, the fish near by to understand radiation escape and the reduction of power as an example from 10 Ah to 5 Ah, the later being measures against the accident.


Robotics in Mars

When the scientists say there is a chance to evolve in the vicinity of water of Mars they don’t mean human biology but rather species that resemble primitive life forms of earth’s life. Seeds of life may be present everywhere on Mars and when conditions improve against radioactivity perhaps they can flourish. It is risky very much though to do such improvements with robots making for example igloo type of structures there. The gravity of Mars is too small for a robot to drill to much and the affect on the Mars ground may bring more dust that can escape the Martian atmosphere and fall on earth killing birds or injuring human. Therefore the conclusion on that is do nothing with robots on Mars because the atmospheric pressure is small due to thin gases and they cannot provide the balance in moving dust or even stones by mankind efforts.

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