Metals on nature

aluminium oxide

1.Under the leaves of apricot are aluminium metals which take oxygen or water from the rain and form aluminium oxides which repel the nitrogen out of the leaves, it is a natural process

the worms do not have problem.png

2. The worms do not have as such problem with the addition of aluminium parts, the annoying to them is the sun that dries them off. So it is better to absorb through their skin aluminium oxides rather than be in the surface to absorb heat of the sun. In the picture above a few worms go to live over this graphite rock full of leafs and pieces of aluminium from refreshing drinks.

remote 333.png

3.Aluminium pieces in the water collide together because of static electricity current that develops between them, in picture 3 leaves from shrubs are added to the metal block and the result to the worms coming in, is that they are going to have a richer diet in carbon as opposed to nitrogen. By time passing the more carbon would be left on tree leaves and less nitrogen. It is a study to understand food for worms species. The oligochaeta worms long or short seem in absolute terms that they enjoy carbon in their diet and less nitrogen. The colour of them which is black, or brown gives a hint of what kind of food they prefer. Dark coloured such as ants, prefer diets rich in carbon and white worms or reddish-

white they prefer fresh leaves which contain more nitrogen. A green leaf is a hint of much nitrogen whereas a decomposed or repelled on nitrogen by aluminium oxides leaf is carbon leaf.


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