Calendar day 1

An initial fishing attempt inside one of the ports gave with a small net seven juveniles. They were used as baits in a pole rode on ten hooks of the fishing line. The fisherman caught the small fish with bread as bait and was placing the fishing net either inside the water waiting or he was making a sharp movement from above towards the water surface. With the baited rod he caught a scorpion fish, took it out near the street, which is adjacent to the small port. A catch of this kind attracts curious other people who always come to ask ‘what bait do you use?’ and say ‘well done’. The fish was quite big for a meal and he put it in a bottle of seawater and carried it home. Happy for his catch he moved around the shore and he noticed parts of rusted iron mainly from concrete blocks that they were rotting close to the wave. It would be absurd for a tourist village to throw back these irons in the water because the tourist doesn’t have any idea of it and they would call them a lousy beach that they should stay away. But the fisherman wanted to fight firstly because he had knowledge that iron is essential to plankton and secondly that a tourist associated society depends less on industry and this mean unemployment in a great range.

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