Calendar day 2

The fisherman did the unthinkable for the tourist industry he took a crowbar and swatted the rusted irons to remove them the concrete. He took small pieces of them and hurled them in the sea. The point with the tourist industry is that their fanatic members believe that a cruiser ride is the only benefit whereas the sea offers also a great variety of biological organisms to see.  A tourist boat almost sunk after its anchor wires snapped, at sea there is not such thing as political correct training that the tourist professionals claim they have. It is about to understand the physics of boating and apply them at sea and what the politicians say or teach it doesn’t really matter here.

Every catch of fish is a lesson and from the scorpion catch the lesson is that there are food web branches that chemical or environmental conditions determine their size. The scorpion fish was hiding at the seabed at the entrance of the port apparently because it was feeding from small fish, which live in large numbers inside the protected sea area of the port.

The feron issue would be another lesson because feron is a limiting factor of photosynthesis. Iron affects the efficiency of photosynthesis at sea because it helps photosynthesis excitement and the rate of photosynthesis improves with feron presence. Iron has a multiple role because it is involved in the manufacture of chlorophyll and the maintenance of chloroplasts.

Phytoplankton is the basis for good fishing statistics and it would rather worth the effort to invest in plankton assistance because by having the primary source of food that can increase the number of fish eventually. By adding phosphates  at sea the nitrogen would be more used by the plankton and phosphates ions would help  plankton to grow by binding all the rest nutrients necessary. In case the photosynthesis was reaching excessive eutrophic levels a way to counteract this is with aluminium. Aluminum works opposite than phosphates and binds nitrogen depriving this basic nutrient source from the plankton.

The contact of two metals such as feron and aluminium in the water liquid would create slight electricity current because of the galvanic properties and the distance apart of these two metals in the galvanic series and the question on that is whether the fish would be affected by these small electricity pulses. That gave an idea to the fisherman who installed a photovoltaic panel to do the experiment for himself. He caught the juveniles but this time didn’t bait them for a scorpion fish, he carried with him at home to grow them in an aquarium till he would apply electricity to them to see if they become affected and how much.

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