Aquarium, Energy and Morals


  • Introduction
  • Aquariums – Pollution theory – Energy – Rationality
  • Dielectric Medium application in the water
  • Chemical composition of the reacting water in detail
  • Tritium
  • The probability of the reactions to occur and radiation comparison
  • According to the New Physics Explanation
  • Fishing with electricity
  • Aquarium conditions
  • Morals


This script is about an aquarium experiment driven by the need to raise fish in protected tank environments taking into consideration the danger of pollution at sea. It is a way to discuss the level of strictness in applying measures to protect the fish. The experiment started before the oil spill incident in the Saronikos Gulf of Athens by the tanker ship Aghia Zoni II. This ship wreckage on September 2017 gives more reasons to understand pollution related to fish and the human environment whereas the social writing aims to affect society in such a way so as to reduce oil usage. Two basic elements of the aquarium experiment are the fish and the algae rock that do not necessarily prefer identical chemical conditions so as to thrive. For the development of the algae on the rock, clearing water scheme and an electricity appliance were used with subsequent water nuclear reactions that produced radioactivity starting from water in very low and safe levels. Since the appliance of electricity in the water may have as a psychological side effect production of radiation at least as alpha particles or helium 4 an explanation of the reactions is included alongside with calculations about the amount of radioactivity. The Bosson and Fermion particles theories were used for this experiment as a way to prove the production of radioactivity and the conclusion is that the new weak interaction field theory secures the certainty of knowing the results of the strong force reactions without having any doubts whether reactions occurred. Social moral values comparison was also used to determine the reasons why a society has difficulty either to prevent oil spill accidents or to protect humans after them.  Defensive moral strategies to tainted fish from the oil spills are related together and some effect on business is analysed. Driven by the concern of the oil spill ships wreckage this paper promotes communication of projects to other vulnerable regions on accidents such as the Otranto strait, and also includes proposals to other heavy contaminated facilities such as the old airport of Athens.

Aquariums – Pollution theory – Energy – Rationality

Need to make an aquarium. That need derives from the fact that in many areas such as the Mediterranean sea there is a scarcity of fish resources and by understanding the biology of the fish in relation to the chemistry of an aquarium that would give hopefully more chances for working positions to people who want to increase fish populations. The Italian fish statistics are very low in catches and they are lower even to Greece. These results show the effect of pollution at sea which is bigger in the entire Italian coast. According to Eurostat the Italian fishing fleet is 900 thousands kW whereas the Greek fishing fleet is 400 thousands kW total power for the year 2015. Italy’s population is about 60 millions and the ratio Italian to Greek population is approximately 6 to 1. On the other hand in terms of thousands of tonnes live weight of fish landed the statistics are 191.1 for Italy to 64.4 for Greece in the same year. This means that total fish landings per capita is 2:1 for Greece compared to Italy with less than half boat power to Greece in the year 2015. Since the year 2005 to 2015 the numbers are similar indicating that the bigger fishing effort in Italy compared to Greece doesn’t provide the desirable fish landings and this is mainly to pollution because all across the Italian seacoasts the industrial activity is high and old.

Need for fish biological health as opposed to failed boating. Boat occupation that cause pollution in Mediterranean marinas in large cities is mainly due to tourism boats, yachts and sailing ships that they do not promote fishing, they use space in the water, and they have every day petrol oil leakages that taint fish. Juvenile fish tend to find protection within marinas from predators but they still have high juvenile mortality due to the acidic conditions caused by oil and garbage discarding. Therefore further communication of fish survival knowledge can be a tool to affect society in more fishing use of boats with further applications in urban planning in order to host unused boats in city buildings or even to recycle them. There is a tendency in the Mediterranean for people to buy or rent yachts and sailing boats for very short term cruises on the scale of a few weeks. People who do not have the skills to operate these boats, they pay for skippers and shortly afterwards abandon their tourist plans. This results in great amount of boats ending in ship refuges in land or even in marinas occupying fishing boat space for long times. Fish would have higher survival rates in marinas in case of more logical occupancy of such ports.

The need to construct theory for the polluters. Perhaps one first step to see the polluters at sea can be by visits to marinas and seaports to identify the number of problematic boats. Further on this a theory is important to understand the social motivations of people who tend to neglect the biological limits of fish. Because fish are life and pollution is connected to objects then a theory that separates humans to those that are more in life oriented professions to those connected to objects would be helpful. The word object has a meaning in astronomy because a comet is an object, but people who are confused by other objects such as the machinery they use, cause problems. Humans should know what benefit or damage a machine that they use does in their health or environment. All sorts of negativities can then apply to the object orientated humans reaching finally into human biology and explaining the higher risks that these people face or create. By imagining a boat fleet that doesn’t have knowledge of the marine environment is easy to understand the risks they face on the incident of an oil spill by being on board. Petrol oil is mainly composed of hydrocarbons with other toxic elements such as arsenic combined to it. Therefore a boat such as a tourist boat operating at sea during the oil spill would it be more probable not to have onboard adequate first aid equipment to defend the oil spill. Inhaling of oil spill fumes may cause skin irritation, lung diseases, neurological disorders, pregnancy risks and even cancer. Such hospitalised events had been occurred to cleaning workers of the Gulf Coast oil spill.  Matter is or is not an object whether it contains or not life in it.

Fisheries education. The more educated at sea fishermen would have more means to avoid the oil spill compared to the seasonal users of the sea. Fishermen use the sea as a source of income and they tend to have more serious attitude in every aspect of the ocean because mistakes cost to to them and their families. Fishermen depend more at sea and they are more familiar with the marine products. They tend to know the weather forecasts better than other sea users, and tend to be anarchists to some general government laws but loyal to the open and wild sea laws. A lot of marine products could have saved fishermen for inhaling the oil spill fumes, marine algae is one of these products, but also the fisheries culture can render the fishermen as easy avoiders of boat cruising on the days that there is higher demand for oil. Such high demand days for oil at gas stations is on a Grand Prix Formula 1 race close to the fishermen’s port. A formula 1 Grand Prix has direct link to the demand for oil and the ship wreckage of Agia Zoni II in Saronikos Athens Gulf was days after the most popular Grand Prix in the area, the Monza Italian Grand Prix. People get enthusiastic on an unpleasant to the sea way for the Grand Prix, they tend to imitate the behaviour of the Formula 1 racers on the streets and increase on a very high pressing way the demand of oil.

For making better off, there is need to explore knowledge locally and also to general boat knowledge, to management of fisheries and fisheries policy to better understand the shore and the by products of marine life, to understand oil spills, government plans, oil extraction schemes, depths of the ocean, aquarium and fish biology and chemistry. In general terms the aim can be to confirm the stock of knowledge and add new to the stock of knowledge for the self, to expand knowledge about the sea and the land ethics, to give emphasis in traditions, to understand basic boat design, and to have critiques about the sea routes and the accidents but also to have ports knowledge.

Materials and Methods used to set the aquarium. International market advertises and sells water tanks made of glass that are difficult to transport and they are expensive. On this lab they were reused plastic tanks from various pet feeding apparatus. The water used was tap water and the selection of fish to carry on the study was local seawater ones that are tolerant to tap water. Tap water contains similar nutrients with the seawater in smaller quantities. Depending on the water supply and which antibacterial treatment is used the concentration of these nutrients vary but nevertheless they consist feed for fish. Antibacterial treatments of water are chlorine gas to some countries and chloramines to some others. This antibacterial treatment however in general has been the most serious threat to humankind in terms of health because is not only in the tap water. This old method of increasing antibiotics has made bacteria more resistant.

In the Aquarium chemistry indicators were used that show total hardness, buffer ability of the water, pH and chlorine content. Chlorine is the first crucial chemical for the aquarist because is a killing agent to bacteria and can cause death even to the fish. Chlorine is a gas that evaporates within 24 hours from the water tank by stirring it and making air bubbles into it. The fish selections were from the local marinas south in the port of Athens where there is enough damage due to the oil and is true that a lot of these fish if they hadn’t been picked up they would have possibly higher mortality rate in the marina due to the oil spill that reached inside the marina.

Feeding of the fish was done by calcium carbonate powder from cuttlefish bones washed in the seashore as marine by-product. Other foods were also used as the outer part of dried banana and apple as well as dried marine brown algae.

Economic benefits of recruiting fish. It is important for the society to find ways to reduce juvenile mortality especially when environmental policies fail to reduce pollutionA return of the fish to the natural environment would require clean sea and a discussion might open on this topic. How much clean that sea environment can be and how far would a society shift from coal and to renewable energy and even to nuclear power are important questions. A lot of people in the past would argue about misunderstanding of priorities for the humankind and the necessity to make money with every cost on the environment. By seeing however the issue on the opposite direction, i.e. by caring for the life of the fish the economic implications can be far more beneficial. A society that cares about the fish and the fishermen’s catches wouldn’t want to recruit fish back to polluted seas. This need may give tremendous shift in the economy and produce enormous wealth by shifting from coal and oil to renewables and nuclear power faster.

In a close relation to the previous the effort of families based on tradition to carry on with their fishing glory within the fishing industry gives better off results because skills as those of the fishermen add to the natural rehabilitation of the fish stocks having as a  prerequisite a normal living  with low carbon emmisions and the closed season measures.  By saving fish and fishing jobs the economic benefits can be great in all sectors of the economy, because of a domino effect. Fish require clean seas, clean seas require clean energy and clean energy means reneawble and nuclear power and in order to reach nuclear power the prerequisite is a better society starting from schools and universities, and ending to public and private sector within the free economies.

Collection of local fish for aquariums may have impact in related businesses and raise morals considerations. By catching local fish to use in an aquarium experiment and communicating their survivals may all these have an impact in local import businesses of aquarium and pet shops. Aquarium shops torture fish by selling tropical fish to temperate regions to untrained aquarists. Most of the fish die after some weeks  and certainly doesn’t worth to spend so many resources and pollute the environment with transportation routes since making an aquarium from local fish is very easy. In case that the common problem of blur water appears then the application of electricity in the tank can solve the problem. The electricity also acts as anesthesia to the fish but more importantly for the clean water issue stops the development of bacteria in case there is uneaten food that causes colour in water.

The tropical fish either they will live all their lives in the tank as the best option and as the worst one they will die soon because of the giving up of the aquarist. Is rather an unlike scenario to expect a tropical colourful fish to return back to the temperate sea after it has grown up in the tank. First of all the average aquarist won’t even think about it and secondly is rather difficult a tropical fish to survive in foreign waters, actually it can’t survive for long because it can’t face predators. Therefore the pressure goes to a whole business of aquarium that use many objects and polluting agents so as to achieve nothing more than destruction.

By combining the emotions of the humans due to the oil spills, and the torture to animals including fish with no justification in reasoning then the therapy to the society would come as a question about when to install more nuclear power and when nuclear power enthusiasts will stop hiding behind strategies and reveal their whole peaceful argument.

To some people the value of a rat may not be so clearly defined especially in a doctor’s lab but even rats have souls and they don’t want sufferings. As far as the value of the fish, fishing industry is a serious business that feeds families and the unnecessary torture of the fish needs concern. Human tissue isolation in modern medical labs can serve the role of an experimenting rat and therefore the issue comes again to the point of more proper education as far as morals are concerned.

A human self has not only knowledge but certainly emotions too that would cause a shock to the self on the view of a large oil spill. On such occasion the alteration of the sea environment is certain as far as the short term negative impact on the sea at least. The heat by the carbonic acid decomposition of oil would dilute to carbon dioxide causing trap of heat and could possible add more evaporation and extreme weather conditions. In the case of the Agia Zoni II oil spill the extreme rain came two months after, whereas the unusual heat was 40 days after the oil spill. On that point however the issue of climate change is an argument of other sectors of the economy apart from science. The phrase climate change has been used to oppose scientist and make them feel incapable to prove and correlate events of the earth with climate. The answer to this is that the small changes on the rotation of the earth the daytime length in ms is a serious way of correlating events even such as earthquakes pattern with these daytime shifts.  Weather patterns are very hard to prove in a numeric way that they are related with alterations of the spin of the earth during the recent years. The extreme weather event that occurred two months after the oil spill is only one event but thousands more are needed to make a clue about what caused the adverse weather conditions with accuracy and even then that would be only a study for the weather forecast because climate change occurs in the time scale of millions of years.

The one out of thousands needed weather events for a meteorological study.  The cloud builds up gradually and north of Salamina where the oil Spill of Agia Zoni II happened there is the mountain of Pateras. The cloud is white in colour because it contains vapour water, liquid water and solid water and other substances in all three states of matter. The water as it evaporates at the sea level is invisible because is water vapour. People tend to carry on with their lives, feeling no threat by the oil spill accident but the cloud is keep on forming an addition of moisture to the sky that a whole city may not be ready to cope with it as it was the city of Mandra in Attiki region.

Aquarium interest versus imports. As far as the aquarium tank that pulls fish from the sea in order to increase their survival the oil spill would do that a stopped process. The above assumptions may have philosophical thoughts to a broader audience but in the local smaller community who experienced the damage human expressions to oppose emissions occur. The easiness of the aquarium has already been explained and further on by having only dechlorinated tap water is enough to host fish species in a considerable number of them in tanks for some months or years. The aim of having local fish provides a more fascinating interest that may have a social impact for a good cause. The target to return fish in bigger sizes back to water with more chances of survival is a better enjoyment than to destroy forests and build motorways to import in complete rush fish from the tropics or dogs from all over the world to a large city. Some people would argue the opposite but counter on this the discovery of new life looks more tempting.

Tap water as noted previously is already hard water and is quite usual not to see very big difference in water hardness between the sea and the tap water one. However in case that the tap water is not so hard and the interest of growing fish is not so fascinating then the aquarist may add points of nutrients visible to the human eye so as to have more enjoyment in observation. It may bring boredom the feeding of the fish only from the tap water nutrient supply because these nutrients are tiny, do not have observable action to the human eye and perhaps no fun. Some experienced aquarists advice no to add anything unless that there is something to consume these additions inside the water. By using the proper food such as calcium for the bone nutrition of the fish and proteins from vegetables then the addition of food may not be a problem. Is more important however to observe the feeding habit of the fish and stir the water in case they are surface water filter feeders.

It is an interest to keep some fish at home and growing them and returning them to their environment but not on the time of an oil spill. The mortality rate at sea is 90% for year one fish, is 80% for year two fish and so on for the following years and it may reach to 100% on the oil spill day in certain areas. In order to protect some sea areas from oil spills then manpower can create turns for the oil spill current and wave inside the sea by adding heavy stones. A proper alteration of the current and wave can result for the oil spill to hit isolated parts of the shore in a few specific areas by protecting on the same time the wide majority of the rest of the coast. As far as the choice of adding stones the inclination of the ground should give the answer about which points. The most inclined and the shallowest areas of the cost will get the impact anyway and perhaps an investment of these areas as dead zones could be helpful.

The fishing and aquarium interest gives a winning sentient to the self, it helps to build even freedom of speech as opposed to language, creates rights to the unborn child, because it is difficult for a human to believe that an unborn child will not have enjoyment with an aquarium when it will have birth and has the opportunity to return with the parents the fish back at sea or in the fresh water. A successful aquarium can give the joy of sensing the rights of non living persons such as the unborn children who would be happy enough to see it. By sharing the aquarium and sea knowledge in society occurs tremendous impact in politics because politicians in offices seeing economic numbers are far from close to the cruel reality at sea and on many circumstances they seem incapable to design politics being far from the sea business facts. By succeeding to the aquarium then in the brain of the aquarist is presumable to run all the scale of environment ethics from nature all the way down to the self. A sentient of leadership gets in creation because of the wide open potential of the sea issue that affect business.

An aquarium can provide a punishing rain of knowledge to humans who produce objects such as oil spills and can set serious questions within society whether objects affect so much human brains so as human brains not to have the ability to rise from the crowd and complaint about the environmental accidents. It can also defeat business such as oil business and aquarium shops. Avocation with sea on such way can reveal secret information about oil companies and also the quality of their boats and the way they operate them so as to produce oil spills. Further on it the effort to make an aquarium can provide suggestions for the allowed type of boats on ports for obvious reasons. Boats types that serve only army navy for example and they are special only for carrying army divers to occupy a small island in an exercise are not needed anywhere else apart from their army base. These boats don’t need to pollute the sea elsewhere by being along with proper fishing boats and by seeing which boats do that damage then initial thoughts about improving boat designs are going on. Overall the whole management projects for protecting totally specific natural resources and repay them as candidates to international natural funds can get steps on a strategic level.

Cannibalistic behaviour of fish and the absence of moral ethics to some humans. Fish express cannibalistic behaviour and that is a biological finding that fish choose to eat themselves, they eat individuals of the same species even if they know or sense that in an somehow abnormal water tank environment by continuing doing so they may not have the chance to give offspring on the only one fish left occasion.

The fish chose to eat the weaker the one with the less biomass and this is another proof of the rapid fish mortality at juvenile age by thinking that worse things happen in the wild sea. By considering also the presence of humans at many parts of the sea world, is evident that juvenile fish mortality is caused also the human presence whereas this is far less in the Arctic and the Antarctic. By considering mismanagement of boats in under developed countries this also puts enormous pressure in the ecosystems and cannot be a discussion about which ethics prevail at this time. Ethics that do not exist on the map for some people are the reasons why people see huge amounts of waste at sea revealing the existence of problems.

A little more explanation about this is that the era of small daytime profits as the only rule to make money should need reconsideration. Daily losses may be also accepted by having positive business revenues in a whole year time and this may include days with profits and days with losses. This is an economic rationality, accepted and operated by major air traffickers at least in Europe. As far for the ferry boats many of them can fail in case they can’t find such flexibility as of those air carriers. For example shipping companies that urge for money on trips such as from Greece to Italy overloading passengers with huge Scandinavian in skull boats should not be permitted for safety reasons to run for profit whenever they want. That size of boats that are meant to defend even ice provide an obvious outrageous increase of daily or weekly traffic in a much more warm sea such as the Adriatic. The warmer sea means that smaller boats compared to the icebreakers can operate this route with proper management that includes not allowance of illegal passengers. The ship disaster on that route happened because the port of Patras served the role of an illegal border entrance to Italy for immigrants without tickets.  The immigrants set a fire to warm up and is very probable from that cause the ship wreckage of the ship Norman Atlantic to have happened. The doubt about ethics, and the mistaken logic about who are the people that can decide which are the right ethics becomes defeated because it is clear that is right to have safe boat trips. In other words there is not always a discussion or debate about what is right and what is wrong, in many cases is obvious that morals indicate the right.

Outnumbered accidents due to coal or oil and the role of the scientist. The number of accidents with deaths or injuries from coal extraction is in every day and they exceed all the other units of energy production. There are many years that human extract coal and oil and the question is who is going to be the last man who is going to operate on an oil spill.

The scientist is always at the side of the humans with experimental work according to what society needs at a time. For example this is a role that the Camborne car served at that time and today’s scientist or engineer in the important issue of energy cannot think as the inventor of the devil car back in 1801 because population has grown, gravity has already been defeated in transportation on earth, there are increased needs in society for food and much doubt about the sustainability of the fishing resources because even the more expensive boats can not guarantee enough quantity or quality of catch in any weather.

The most in use heavy nuclear element is uranium and it can decrease carbon as a fuel. Uranium ore can be evaporated under very specific conditions that require heat. In small weight package of uranium ore evaporation reaction can be achieved by microwave and laser radiation and this is a precautionary note for the shops that sell uranium in small quantities. However it needs high temperatures mobilising or breaking the bond forces in it because it is dense with high molecular weight. It has 7 orbital of electrons with high energy levels and is considered in the periodic table an f7 block element alongside with other similar elements in the periodic table of chemical substances.

The atomic number of uranium is 92. The uranium ore is weakly radioactive may have a degree of instability but by not interacting with it then the issue of radiation is on the level of its natural decay. However is not the easiest thing as far a learning procedure to suggest to someone the experimentation with Uranium. Uranium should be the last element in the queue of radiation for a new scientist because of its atomic weight that is related to its supernova formation. In a house there are microwaves whereas lasers exist in hospitals and someone who doesn’t know much about chemistry and physics of Uranium can get advice from the start of the periodic table where is the lightest and the less harmful of all the elements in terms of radiation and this is the hydrogen.

The isotope of Uranium 238 has 146 neutrons while Uranium 235 has 143 neutrons. Its density is slightly less than that of gold and tungsten and is extracted as uraninite ore. It is an actinide in the periodic table scale. Actinides are those elements with atomic numbers from 89 to 103 from actinium through lawrencium. Being an f-block element its orbitals contain up to seven pairs of electrons. The number of electrons for each energy level is as follows.

1st 2

2nd 8

3rd 18

4th 32

5th 21

6th 9

7th 2

Is easier to take usage of electrons for example from Uranium from the outer orbital and much harder to cause something close to the two electrons that orbit the nucleus or even the nucleus it self.

Stress to the fish and other business considerations. It can happen stress to the fish in the aquarium or in nature and this is evident by seeing chemical factors such as the pH. This type of pH comparison of environments adds more knowledge as an identification of adaptation sea organisms can do. For example by taking fish from a swamp that is an acidic environment and it wouldn’t be rational to transfer these fish to a tank without a measure for it such as having swamp elements, for example acidic soil so as to create similar chemistry.

Stress to the fish can happen in a non-plan situation or from a non well designed project performed by a person with not the acquired extent of knowledge for the chemistry of the fish environment. Basic environmental factors at sea are alkalinity water hardness and pH as well nitrites and nitrates and finally clorine.

By considering these factors one by one alkalinity is a measurement of pH variation tolerance by the fish, meaning that an aquarium with very little basic substances such as calcium or coral has less ability to tolerate changes in the pH but on the same time this may not be so important for the sea because there is already much alkalinity around the specific point of study. Water hardness is the result of the concentration of hard nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and also calcium and others and is basically an indication of the whole picture. Sea has a natural resistance capacity to be on the right side of the 7 neutral number of the pH equilibrium scale because sea as a total system “sees” better than all the species that contains in. The most known example of a species to the reader is that of a human and the reader knows roughly what humans do in terms of energy at a specific area. Humans started the industrial revolution in Manchester UK produced coal in a massive level with coal emissions of any kind. That has grown since and has reached too much production. Sea ”knows” and prevents accidents by being in a defensive position to toxicity. No matter how one person reads indicators about the sea on a specific location on the event of an oil spill the one indicator would go contrary to the other and on the damaged point there would be a decrease of pH that alters normality. KH alkalinity would go against to GH water hardness and this would bring increase of toxicity but for a short time. The conclusion is important and worth seeing it with instruments that are not expensive to buy. Alkalinity would become weaker and it would provide a measure of resistance of the seawater. Alkalinity is a buffer to normal and in an oil spill it may drop dramatically meaning that hardness of seawater is been used, causing toxicity to increase. By having in an experiment olive size pebble oil spilled in clear water is evident that pH from 8 of normal tap water in a 10 gallons tank falls from to pH 6.4 within 24 hours. That happens to sea also, the pH at the place of the oil spill falls in the water depending οn the location and that is toxic completely to life such as plankton that is much less tolerant than fish. Plankton dies because it doesn’t have such ability to swim as the local fish that have some more chances to escape.

Sea has cleaning power, and sea decomposes oil to carbonic acid and therefore the water might look clear but even carbonic acid is toxic to plankton. As far as the bacteria on the water tank measurement the answer to a possible question if there are bacteria in the tap water to study the decomposition of oil spill the answer is yes bacteria there are ubiquitous. Bacteria may be difficult to count and see which species exist somewhere but presumably they grow fast in a tank and work as fast as sea. The important is that in the sea the bacteria are present and decompose the petrol oil. This process of natural decomposition and clearance may make a person or a company who do oil spills to look more innocent than reality however this sea ability cannot be an argument of a defence in a criminal court. The less damage of the sea seen some weeks or months after the oil spill is a serious matter because of the disease oil fumes can cause to cleaning workers. The damage has already been done in seconds to the plankton and workers on the accidents is a serious issue regarding which way they should receive protection against the oil spill such as which chemical or natural aid should carry with them. Even further perhaps sea workers should not take the risk of cleaning and the best solution could be to evacuate the whole area. The destruction of the plankton is certain and this means damage for the whole food web chain that starts from phytoplankton –zooplankton to algae for bigger sizes of photosynthesisers, limpets, crustaceans, molluscs, any kind bivalves, sea snails and slugs, murex, crabs, octopus, fish and thousands of other species including a detrimental push on the decomposers that find nutrition during supposingly normal standards.

The total bad the total immoral and catastrophic is to go at the very extreme in terms of consumption of oil and in terms of lack of support to boats and to non banning the related companies. Immoral also is the lack of control by the governmental bodies that let boats unsupervised to perform oil spill travels in periods when they know there is an increase in oil consumption such as the end of a tourism season for a particular place. Is also total bad and immoral though that local politicians get to advertise cleaning schemes in order to receive money from central government because they put workers to work at sea at risk of their health.

An oil spill of a 10 cm square is total bad for the specific plankton and from the whole above the argument that there is not a single one that can show direction in something for the humakind is depleted. Even if a whole sea at the size of the Mediterranean ocean was an oil spill is not the end of the sea world neither of human kind because sea can revert that but it takes a lot of time. Decomposing bacteria break the hydrocarbons of petrol oil that contain also other chemical substances such as sodium, and arsenic in small quantities such as 1% of the oil spill. Arsenic is highly toxic. Due to the job of clearance of the sea by itself humans can survive but this is not an argument for the defence on this case and the question is how far from the Mediterranean coast humans can survive. Secondly after this, geography,  geology and weather of the sea such as seawater depth, current, wind, straits, rivers, rains, etc help on that process. So a whole Mediterranean oil spill may not be the end of the world but is certain that this size of an oil spill would be the end of all the humans in this area.

Later on the oil spill event, approxiamtely one week after, in certain areas the KH is used more and the cost in the pH is to drop such as 0.8 points. This is a dramatic fall for aquatic life and is constitues part of a detailed description of the event sequence of the oil spill with certain effects on business that shut near by. Again the moral issue comes into business and this is not an observation of values of sympathy to someone but rather is the importance of moral values consideration in case of an accident. It would be rational for people to keep their business but the irrationality and the immorality of a whole system that created the oil spills doesn’t allow this and creates demand for condemnation.

As far as the decomposers they evolve in a matter of minutes and convert oil to carbonic acid and this further dilutes to water and carbon dioxide to add more greenhouse effect gas to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide reaches the surface of the water and it evaporates causing local increase of temperature. Carbonic acid that has sunk will keep on to dilute to singler molecules meaning that in the future of the oil spill there will be too much gas at specific positions at the seabed. That gas will disperse by the wave and will provide eventually carbon dioxide to photosynthesisers such as the plankton that will bring back aquatic life after months in broad terms analysis without having an accurate measurement for that because this involves many factors. As far as the presence of massive quantities of carbon dioxide at specific points in the water column as many as they are is not an argument that imply a real help to any photosynthesisers during the oil spill recovery because many photosynthesires right after the oil spill have vanished, carrying into death the rest of the species of the food chain.

By not even reading the complex situation about whether carbon dioxide stays under hard particles inside the water or escapes as a gas to the atmosphere or somehow attracts some more gas at a specific point with the ionic help the issue may come again to the basic principle that nature has a way to clean it self. The strait of Gibraltar is small and the polluting ports keep on to operate such as the biggest one the port of Valencia in the Mediterranean. The question that comes being also an obligation to humankind to morality and to the understanding of rationality refers again to the direction of energy units usage and many more issues such as political upheavals in Spain that create unemployment and the need to import from Valencia. The Spanish issue of the unfortunate referendum in Barcelona is more serious than it seems. Rights have meaning inside families not in the whole of geographic locations. There is not such right as to destroy the south of Spain just because criminality in Barcelona is confused with the rights.  No rational human wants deaths by coal, by oil extraction and explosions that happen every day, neither deaths of fish or plankton for the basic reason that humans care and even a scientific experiment is a care. Even a happy aquarist family can be a small business and who is going to compensate this family or self is a series of serious questions whether it is going to be the president of the United States who insists in no Paris 2015 Climate Convention or the president of Catalonia who insists in political turmoil. How society is going to find how to measure that type of compensation and how much of a billionaire government must do a traditional fishing family is easy to solve in money terms but hard to be understood by these type of immorals described above. The shops closure especially the amenity shops that sell recreation fishing tools, and diving equipment, or the fishing net industry and the fishing boat industry somewhere else nearby the oil spill accident just open the list of claimers. However this claimer list need to have a clearance in terms of illegal fishing activity. Illegal fishing actions in the Mediterranean prohibit any claims due to the oil spill.

Tourism is in the wrong side of the argument as well as part of the pressure they impose in the ecosystem. Tourism puts pressure in an ecosystem, and even if the tourist worker didn’t do the accident of the oil spill, however the whole industry as a whole has responsibility. The press is also guilty in case they spend enormous amount of carbon fuel in the Mediterranean even if they aim to visit the geographical point of the accident and broadcast it and more on this, unexperienced press causes damage to human society. An example of it is that on the Greek oil spill of Agia Zoni II in 2017 press journalists adviced people to go to the oil spill with gloves and protection uniforms instead of saying the truth about the evacuation of the place.

By studying production of coal in quantity and by choosing the right units to measure, we see that the amount of coal produced in energy units resembles in some way the amount of gains to renewable power installations approximately. The worst-case scenario is to carry on installing renewable resources of energy with the pace of one unit in one unit out in respect to coal. Logic implies that the push in the pollution direction caused for example by tourism in Mediterranean should bring faster the renewables. The more tourists in the Mediterranean the more renewables and catastrophe in the short term, and at the end of massive tourist era the result may be total renewables and no life in this part of the ocean. Unless tourism and pollution set back more steps compared to the steps gained by the renewables the nuclear power argument would stay as it is low in 2017 for the Mediterranean. If pollution and renewables go on the same current 2017 pace of 1 to 1 then the nuclear power plants consist ergency to construct them for the Mediterranean and other parts of the world.

Media tend to create false images about the nuclear power because of the nature of an nuclear accident that gets enough audience for the moment of it. Anotherm point is that in the US they operate many nuclear plants for large cities. However a nuclear plant can be small and can serve many small cities without the fear of casualties. In an under 300 MW nuclear plant the space vacuum for the accidental safety is only 300 m and the fear of terror can be contained in underground construction in case terrorists want to steal plutonium from a breeder reactor for making a nuclear bomb. United States of America started with a 1 MW nuclear plant and this is a business example for other smaller Mediterranean nations to start with nuclear plants of that size or similar one for obvious safety reasons. In Italy the government asked the people to say their opinion for further nuclear plant construction and the people said no. People in Italy watch TV and the government  should have asked first the scientists what they say. That was in the referendum of 2011 about the issue and the result of it was a measure of isolation to Italy that the Italians imposed to themselves in total shame because of the already damaged sea environment in Italy.  In an era that cheap flight companies have taken over Europe with over 100 million passengers a year for the first company in rank in 2016 and at times of an increase in flight as a total in Europe the last ten years before 2016 the Italian Air Carrier decreases flights from 30 million passengers a year that it was about ten to 26-27 millions per year and is the only country in Europe at the size of Italy that does so. This Malthusian behaviour is against uranium and causes confusion to neighbour countries such as Greece and Spain about the future. A suggestion that derives through life is that air flights cannot pollute with oil spills the already heavy polluted Mediterranean and more on that small flights for transport in the region can bring the situation to a more stable non-polluted control. Uranium is an extractable ore is on the internet shops in quantities to buy it as uranium oxide and by regarding safety Italians and similar people with the voters of no in Italy can open these shop pages and see where the interest of nuclear power has reached.  One of the first uranium reactions can be with carbonate to obtain uranium fluoride but most importantly is the amount of energy it produces compared to coal burning. One gram of ore uranium reacts in carbonate that can be found in Mango or calcium carbonate also found in cuttlefish powder even as a marine by product washed in the sea and products are uranium fluoride in the process of building fuel for the rods or pellets of a nuclear reactor.

Findings of the aquarium experiment against Malthusian psychology. By factoring out the aquarium shops that sell ready fish with a lot of imports of equipment mainly from Germany that contribute to austerity in other nations in the EU such as to Greece, Spain and Italy and cause enormous fish deaths relatively speaking for the size of their business a rational aquarist who wants to have enjoyment would go to the local sea or fresh water first and find elements there for the aquarium. Every stop of use of ineffective machinery that clears water in an aquarium is a saving cost to the environment from the heavy polluters machines that transport supplies to shops to even the small one devices because of the material they use.  Application of energy from solar power to an aquarium can serve the same cleaning purpose with minium cost.

Cuttlefish bones washed to the sea by the wave on the shore are there and by picking them up and grinding them into powder this is a source of calcium for the bones of the fish in an aquarium feeding scheme. This is a scientific rationality because calcium increases pH and is similar to sea’s rationality that provides high pH more than 7 to prevent and cure the total damage of acidity. Sea has the ability to absorb all the necessary nutrients from the rain and the rivers, and with the wave power washes the ocean and further on the diluting power of the sea wave can disperse the presence of toxic substances such as Arsenic.

The form of calcium of the cuttlebone fish is calcium carbonate that dilutes more easily than lime because the ionic form of it is more easily surrounded by the water molecules and their ionic action make it precipitate. The form of dilution on that is calcium and carbonate ions. Carbonate is a substance that has a use in a uranium ore extraction and people such as journalists who run to say vote no to nuclear power can take a psychiatric lesson and therapy by seeing the uses of carbonate and understand that such substances that are found in nature even in fruits and are the gift of earth to humankind as it is uranium ore and people can use them for electrifying  homes and live better off.

The path of energy units through history. The burning capacity of carbon reached a point that gives naturally its path to other forms of energy. Since the year 1801 that the first real car called devil car in jargon language run in Camborne in Cornwall South West England to nowadays the shift to other than oil forms of energy is logical to happen for the humankind. In 1839 Alexander Edmond Becquerel noticed the photovoltaic effect and in 1887 the first wind turbine constructed in Strathclyde Scotland.

In 1931 Rutherford led the nuclear power with the following neutron discovery by Chadwick in 1932. The Chicago Stock Pile 1 was the first attempt to take nuclear energy in a massive usefull form but ended in two nuclear bombs in Japan and the subsequent nowadays prediction of a new species creation in the United States for obvious Darwinian reasons.

Learn by the mistake as referred to nuclear plants under molars. By relating human names and identities to theories that started from Plato and Socrates and reached Kuhn theory of the shift paradigm and the “learning by mistake” that some people characterise this as odd by putting a plain word odd the initial conclusion is some characters of people have not convinced society that they are nuclear fanatics and they are just nuclear enthusiasts. By putting the word odd to the phrase learn from your mistake this is a way to say that mistakes have stopped to happen and that is odd according to them. Mistakes are present today and are for ever, these people who advocate they can’t value things and no one can they should admit that accidents is a lesson because is fair to say that those who delete the word accident and delete also the word value are the more suspects for making accidents. By thinking an engineer who works in a nuclear plant facility it may be immoral to say to learn by mistake in situ depending on the size of the typical daily mistake. Learning by mistake can be in relation to time meaning that mistakes have already happened in USSR Chernobyl, USA Three Miles Island and also in Japan Fukushima.  It would then be immoral to say to all the engineers of the nuclear plants around the world to lose their jobs because some can’t accept the learning from the mistake of the past.

Society gives second roles to those who confuse values. Such an example is to confuse  food value with the price of food. A high priced food may not be a food of a high value because that depends on the comparison of food values inside society and if society is average in food quality production even an average and below average food may have high price. Food quality value by meaning price only may be a false idea depending on the whole appraisal of values within a specific society.  Another example of contradiction of values are the commuters of the Italian highways who price more their car that pollutes and value less a more than a 40 % capacity bus. Also Italian tourists who price quite high vacations in Greece with ferry boats that are the worse in terms of carbon dioxide emissions take automatically second role in Europian social standards.

Chase for rationality. A man who promises to his woman to go for fishing to feed her children and finds oil spills while that man doesn’t drive, uses buses and installs renewables that have cost of disposal only ten or so years after in a controlled landfill that man has a right to condemn false appraisal of value. A woman who values her ability to work via her aquarium and sees a chance to claim her unborn children taking emotional power from these creatures and loses the chance to go fishing for sample fish for months due to an oil spill that woman has a right to condemn also false appraisal of value. People such as artists who help the above kind of people to educate more other people by relaxing them by making them dream about the defeat of irrationality and many more professions that use low carbon fuel deserve the recognition of their right appraisals to values that exist to humans and not to objects.

Humans may or may not value judge or criticise situations may disagree may have arguments that contradict but all humans as opposed to objects accept enjoyment and they chase it because it is a mean of inspiration. Nature has a stabilising power against to non enjoyment and many people can read it, and thus many more reasons bring chase for knowledge to a sort of different level.

Margaret Thatcher said that humans are not numbers in a State Soviet PC. That is also true for the connected homes to municipal, provincial or country electricity supply in terms of human choice. People may choose to do economy in electricity in a constantly changing situation that the law of vibration explains for the universe, and that is for making situations better off. An oil spill is a shock in a society and people who use no other form of electricity other than basic coal and oil have a sentient of guilt for the event they caused in a direct way by pushing the energy demand via car petrol for example very high.

On the other hand people on the positive side of the disaster of an oil spill who try to be as much more green gain in sentience.  The silence of the guilt creates more opportunity to express freedoms of thoughts or movement in a positively shifting way to more problems resolutions. Fairly enough the world can name the winner sense as leaders putting even the president of the USA who doesn’t follow Paris Climate 2015 global rule as a follower and depends how much of an object he/she is according to his/her country environmental standard. The word object becomes a fair one to use as a mental health advise one to people who differ to the winners of sentience or lack of positive emotions. People are affected by machines and objects that they operate in polluted environments and they create gaps in communications with humans who produce positive sensibility. An enjoyable art piece wouldn’t take much doubts that is a happy sentient product whereas cinema that shows killings a lot of people would argue that these kind of photons harm psychology. The contradict argument on this could be that in order to show the guilt to some people who pretend innocent about the oil spill then even a hard text or image would be a first aid so as to make them feel the problem firstly on themselves. The word object may be an offensive for a specific governmental institution but is an extreme example to show clearly what a human behaviour similar to a robot is and it means a shout to the  failed humans regarding some prevailing terms such as enjoyment with rationality. In other words a president of a rich country may be human in his private life with children and family but the role of running government may characterise him/her as such.

Rationality and its power to make people move and decide free. Nuclear power has presence differently from a coal plant to a nuclear to a robot in Mars. Traces of uranium and thorium are contained in coal that are harless but when coal is burned thorium and uranium concentrate to 10 times more and the whole process creates problems in food production and in health.

Mars Science Laboratory in NASA’s description is a small plutonium energy producing robotic unit that it picks up soil samples from Mars. But every house can’t have that type of nuclear autonomy in a pocket of plutonium without a more serious protection compared to Mars that already has much radioactivity beyond accepted levels for humans. So the term private nuclear power autonomy at home is to question its feasibility for the years to come. Seeing although what renewables arrived from the Space Station this gives an acceptance to write for the future.

The numbers of production of Uranium are that 1 gram of uranium produces energy equal about to 1 tonne of a coal tank burned or 50 Formula 1 cars operating for 24 hours non- stop in terms of the battery of a car. This is a remarkable achievement of power a gift to nature that gives undoubted chances to humans to increase population but with a prerequisite not to do be in their comfort zone meaning more action in environmental change. People with any kind of power usage will still have the choices to use their life in freedom and any kind of shift is just a way to realise that something that passes near to their boredom is a signal voice questioning worse off or better off with intention to get louder in respect to ethics starting from nature and aiming always to the self.

By focusing on the characters of some groups of people in order to see what they propose and according to the ethics scale measure some of them want to be naturalists, some want to express their freedoms at a time in natural environments, some at different times want to strengthen nations, some use as a starting point for families the tribal in ethics human gathering life, picking up for discussion people with genes that agree with them, and live with their values. Humans walking together is an abstract way to explain their strategies for achieving goals however this goal or target always has a result in giving power to the self.

The Italians voters with their problematic theory choose to isolation for understandable Malthusian psychiatric situation and on the other side of the energetic equilibrium people choose smaller isolations to be writers, poets, thinkers, organisers of events and producers to allow themselves the pride of happiness and the benefit of the low carbon that the nuclear electricity provides.

As some humans in Manchester during the industrial revolution wanted to occupy new territory above the outdated law to manifest their pride with electric glory on various similar ways in the 21st century people who occupy space at homes and gardens to express freedoms in terms of quality of food produced, value Ebenezer Howard higher who wrote for the Garden City.

On the statement there is not right and wrong, statistics prove that people who eat better food prefer to live in an environment with less pollution and have better health, so is not about judging who is wrong and who is right is about observing the reality and that gives clear understanding of what rationality is.

Again for the no to the nuclear power is hard for many people to understand it, in so many years after Rutherford and Chadwick and instead of this to decide to burn more coal with uncontrolled escapes of radiation to the environment. TV media in E.U. countries are playing false information roles because it is their business to magnify the drama, to serve the miss management, the lack of training, and further more below average media work force asks from people to use any kind of electricity for increasing the budget of the fake news channel.  Below average media channels take the role of parental guiders to the whole society whereas families do not accept this. Media in some parts of the world has given similar roles to women so as to exhaust them as parents generally to a crowd and not as businesswomen to themselves. All watchers of TV are not children and among watchers are serious people who don’t need to take parental guidance lessons by journalists but from specialists on that. And even if this speciality is in comparison coal to nuclear is not hard to come into surface these papers and reveal that nuclear plants contain the harmful radiation that the coal plants emit so massively. That attitude does unaccepted damage to the environment brings people to watch screens of half truths and urge them to protest through the comfort of the TV sofa claiming a worse off situation for children and the whole issue of comparison raises means to stop the ill. TV watchers without considering them whether they do have creative response, judging, and critique thought follow a certain way to misery, to increase the hospital budget in order to care their disease plus the unwanted increase in the cancer research.

A nuclear accident of the past was developing in some hours in its place but the impact at that period of time was very big. On coal production the mistake, accident or damage is constant and non stop. Every day accidents occur in oil and coal extraction that do not stop so easily as a similar in size nuclear plant accident. The shock of a major nuclear accident is bigger but  by dividing the numbers of deaths through the years between coal and nuclear power then coal has by far more deaths. As for the Chernobyl accident it wasn’t a valued nuclear plant under the word’s nowadays standards of the 21st century and further discussion about it is meaningless.  People who have stayed on the shocks of nuclear accidents are related to bad education. The name Rutherford, and besides not teaching Rutherford at schools has a result to stay on this shock and vote for cancer by coal every day.

USA’s Three Mile Island is a better learning exception because serious people involved in this business and explained in detail even in media easily accessible broadcasts, about the vast difference in technology applied between the 2nd decade of the 21st century and the less technology applied back then. Nowadays the personnel of a nuclear power station are much more trained while the angle of mistakes between Chernobyl and Three Mile Island is huge. Typical small accidents may happen every day, in every job but is usual most to come into solution in situ without a cause for bigger concern. A nuclear plant is more than electromagnetic fields and even how many doors exist and what kind of doors in the design of the construction has a meaning as well as the position of the electronic and electric devices in this construction and under which umbrella of protection these electronics exist whether is going to be silicon or lead etc. The previous are basic design issues because for example of the interference of radioactivity that affects the lithium batteries of the cellular phones. On the assumption that mobile phones existed on Cernobyl accident time they would have designed the nuclear plant better. Final phrase about Chernobyl is that is only past with past media scenes of units of the reactor worked in the rain under the kiosk which is something outrageous.

Lead is 70 % weaker than Uranium but the more thickness of lead metal applied to structures can shield radioactivity. Uranium is a 7-block element and has 7 energy levels in its atom. However uranium is not the easiest starting learning point to scientists or engineers who claim a job in a nuclear plant within nations that give positive votes to that kind of energy.

Dielectric Medium application in the water

A 12 V battery electricity insertion into the water medium. A dielectric media such as that of a battery applies electrons to the tap water and the turbelnce it causes inside the water results in releases of hydrogen and electrons from the water molecules.  By applying the battery voltage in the water, oxygen and hydrogen atoms make bubbles and rise up to the surface. This is a temporary refreshing of dissolved oxygen process to the fish, aiding the water to excape from any stagnant condition in the tank.  The electrons released are mainly from the hydrogen atoms of the water molecule because hydrogen is the lightest in its molecular mass and needs negligible amounts of energy to react and actually its atoms make divisions to proron nuclei and free electrons.  A proton is a micro particle with known small mass and the protons that stay in the water start to repel each other inducing initially small rises in temperature whereas according to the second law of thermodynamics the whole system heats up fast. By applying energy with a chemical way such as the chemically produced electricity inside a battery the negative pole or negative black copper cable becomes an exit of electrons to the water  The positive cable or red cable by being thicker doesn’t allow electrons to exit. Copper element has one electron in its outer orbit and the thin one negative cable can provide an easier avenue for electrons whereas the thick red cable stops them.

Cables made of copper are the commonest in the market and the flux of electrons from the source of the battery to the water is bigger compared to the flux of electrons from the water to the battery storage. This is because the battery contains electricity in an  organised and directed way whereas the flux of the elecrones from the tap water to the battery depends on the more random arrangement of electricity inside the water. It may be true however to collect electricity in a profitable way from the ocean wave in an planned and well designed manner. A negative pole or a negative cable means that a slightly thinner cable heats up less and this fact also helps the flow of electrons through it whereas the thickness of the positive cable which is from the same material as the negative prevents that flux and this is how is created a dynamic of voltage. Electrons of the copper outer sell can’t run on the positive side of such system also because of the arrangement or in other words the geography of the electricity inside the battery.

A fusion and a fission reaction definitions. A fusion reaction is an atomic reaction in which atoms combine to make a single more massive atom. A fission reaction involves the nuclei of some atoms to decay and break into smaller more stable nuclei during a process called nuclear fission. The mass changes and associated energy changes in nuclear reactions are significant. Energy and mass are equivalent according to Einstein. Fission reactions occur as a decay of an atom when neutrons are passing by close to a nucleus.

Nuclear reactions are associated with energy that is released when the atoms split or in the creation of new atoms.  The energy released by heating 1 Kg of Uranium in nuclear reactions is equal to 4 billion Kg of coal burned. When nucleons or particles that comprise atomic structures capture neutrons then energy is released as a beta particle that then converts or not to a proton an electron and an antineutrino. A beta particle is a form of radiation and the whole process is described with the word radiocativity. By reading Rutherford correctly every element is radioactive.

Water as a nuclear medium that provide energetic particles. The kinetic energy of particles can increase infinitely whereas the speed of them has limits. Water molecules with two ways in this experiment acquire and build more quantity of energy and increase the kinetic energy of their electrons as well as the electrons speed.  The one way is by heat where according to the second law of thermodynamics water will speed up atoms and electrons contained in it till the evaporation level of molecules and beyond that. The other way is the application of voltage. Most of the energy to the electrons and atoms and protons of hydrofen atoms as well as to the oxygen atoms was gained by electricity appliance inside the water.

DC, and AC types of electricity current. The battery applied (DC) direct current. In direct current (DC) the electricity process is steady and by converting such process to home appliances that sustain on and off switches to accelerating current (AC), regular inverters found in market that do this conversion.

Skin effect and right choice of elements as cables. The electrons that stick on the surface of a cable in a significant quantity due to heavy traffic can cause the so-called skin effect. In a copper cable situation the orbits of this element have 2-8-18-1 electrons respectively and copper takes or gives more easily the electrons through its outer orbit because this consists of one electron. For that reason the selection of cables is by elements that have one outer electron so as to cause easily the flux. That is why elements similar to copper with one electron in their outer orbit are preferred for various electricity situations and examples of this are silver and gold cables. Gold as cable has the capacity to heat up more and this situation applies in relatively higher demands for the total current. Thick cables such as gold ones have uses to transfer electrons resisting in relatively more heat than copper ones and accordingly is for silver ones.

Chemical composition of the reacting water in detail

Hydrogen isotopes. There are three isotopes of hydrogen, the most common being the protium that has only one proton in the nucleus. The second most common form of hydrogen is in the deuterium isotope with one neutron and one proton in the nucleus whereas the third isotope is tritium with one proton and two neutrons in the nucleus of the atom.

Deuterium nuclei. Neutrons in motion is the starting point for everything that happens in a nuclear reaction. When a neutron passes near to a heavy nucleus the neutron may be captured by the nucleus and  a fusion reaction occurs. By having deuterium water in motion atoms of the deuterium that have lost their electrons and their bond with oxygens from their initial water molecules are said to be composed solely of deuterium nuclei. This is the result of a voltage application turbulance process and the deformation of D2O deuterium water molecules is to become several nuclei with a proton and neutron.

Increase of deuterium concentration inside the tank. The boiling point of deuterium is 101.4 degrees Celsius meaning that by boiling water, which is mostly with protium atoms of hydrogen plus oxygen atom in the molecules, much of the protium evaporates and leaves the more inert deuterium in the kettle by increasing its concentration. The heated water that remained in the kettle has more energetic deuterium water molecules compared to what they had been before the heating process whereas the energy quantity of these deuterium atoms changes even more critically by applying electricity to the water. Every deuterium molecule that reaches near and slightly under the boiling temperature of 101.4 degrees Celsius escapes the evaporation stays in the kettle forming an asset of a substance to produce further nuclear chain reactions by acquiring more energy when the electricity process starts. Therefore there is an important margin in the boiling temperature between the 100 degrees Celsius evaporation temperature for the protium isotope of hydrogen and the 101.4 degrees Celsius for the deuterium isotopes. It is quite likely the hydrogen atoms inside the kettle to lose their bond to oxygen atoms due to the thermodynamics during the boil and to evaporate as protium gas atoms.

Hydrogen and Helium. It is quite probable the creation of tritium isotopes of hydrogen during the electrifying process of the water that has high concentration in deuterium. In such case the chain reactions are called to be nuclear because they include the proven radioactivity of tritium. Hydrogen isotopes are targets for experimentation in nuclear physics because hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table, it has vast distance from the heavier radioactive elements and therefore hydrogen produces the safest level of radioactivity. As Rutherford described is feasible to fuse practically every element of the periodic table with radioactive results and perhaps this is the strongest argument against Malthusian extremists who do not welcome experimentation because there is safety in it. The second element in the periodic table is Helium with atomic number 2 and the isotopes Helium 3 and 4 are under consideration although there are nine known isotopes of helium, and the longest lived is Helium 6 with a half life of  806.7 milliseconds. The writing of this experiment stopped in Helium and proof that Helium was produced was done with propabilities examinations by the use also of the weak force interaction field.

Description of possible reactions inside the water. Hydrogen D (deuterium) and T (tritium) decay into Helium. Helium 3 has two protons and one neutron in its nucleus whereas Helium 4 has two protons and two neutrons. A neutron can fuse into deuterium D and form tritium T whereas deuterium D fuses with deuterium D to form T tritium. Deuterium with tritium fuses to form Helium 3 or 4. Helium 3 is unstable according to the Boson Higgs theory and stabilises into the relatively more stable Helium 4 . Helium 4 is identical to an alpha particle and some of the helium stays trapped between water molecules in the tank without affecting the reproduction of algae. Algae with helium in the water disperse their gamets without having a problem whereas human cannot get any adverse affects from small quantities of helium 4 alpha particles because alpha particles cannot penetrate the human skin.


Tritium and precaution to the drinking water in Canada and Finland. Tritium is radioactive and the permitted dose of drinking tritium water for humans in Canada is 7000Bq/L (Becquerel per litre). One Becquerel is one radioactive decay per second, which translates into an annual effective dose of 0.1 mSv if consumed at a rate of two litres per day. In other countries such as Finland the limit is far larger to 30000Bq/L. 7000Bq/L seems as a vast concern for tritium drinking water which on the same time is less important in Finland. Perhaps this margin reveals the lack of support on the Canadian authorities to express fully what is their real fear about tritium. Canadian problems in living outdoors and exploring at risk new shelter is rather a small issue. According to Gonsior, Friedman and Ehhalt tritium has increased as result of A bombs in the atmosphere due to the bombs dropped in Japan. However the winds can transfer with some probability moisture all around the sea and the Canadian authorities seem to make public relations with reference on tritium. Even though the tritium concentration may be similar in the atmosphere between Finland and Canada the Canadians are supposingly more strict against the actual bomb making because of their aggresiveness of their neighbour, the US government.

More on this issue the Canadian authorities get more justification in their limit to tritium because of the average planning, designing, and operating of commercial nuclear sites by the US where there is leakage of tritium to 48 out of 65 nuke sites at a time.

Countries in cold northern and close to poles latitudes need more electricity at homes in order to live. Iceland use 60,000 KWh per household per year. Similar is the need for electricity to Canada for obvious reasons that have to do with heating, cooking and also perhaps exploring new territory. Canadians as a conclusion prove even by this little information about tritium the serious way they face the nuclear issues because in case they need to electrify more Canada they should be cautious about every substance related to nukes.

Tritium effective dose for the United States of America. International standards, guidelines action levels and limits vary from 100 Bq/L to 30,000 Bq/L the later large number of tritium accepted dose is in Finland. The margin between 100 – 30,000 radioactive decays per second proves subjectivity. The accepted effective dose of radioactivity in the United States is 6.3 mSv/ year. One Bq/L = 0.1 mSV. Therefore 6.3 mSv x 7,000Bq/L x 10 = 4,410,000 radioactive decays of tritium per second allowed per year in Canada and millions of more with no harm in Finland.

Natural radioactivity in relation with tritium. Naturally occurring tritium in the world is formed by cosmic rays hitting the atmosphere. The recommended reduction of the tritium dose in Canada to 20 Bq/L translates to an effective dose of 0.0003mSv a dose reduction of 0.0997 msV/year. The acute toxic effects of tritium are far from evident in a very small tritium dose aquarium experiment with large numbers of reactions in which tritium water can be tolerant by the algae and the fish to 100%. Fish that die in the aquarium tank are not because of tritium experimentation but more probable reasons for that are not tolerance to salinity for some species, lack of dissolved oxygen, and the acidic pH.

Tritium in nuclear reactors. Tritium is produced at a relatively smaller rate in the heat transport system of an uranium plant compared to the majority of its production from the water moderator. As such an operating 700 MW nuclear power unit can have a tritium inventory exceeding 10 ¹⁷ Bq and multiple barriers can minimise releases. (Wong et al.1984).

Tritium production in terms of safety. In 1000 g of water there are 1000g/18g = 55.6 moles of water. One mole is 6 x 10 ²³ atoms of water and there are 3 x 55.6 x 6×10 ²³ ~ (ratio hydrogen to oxygen atoms 2/1 in the molecule of water) ~ 10 ¹⁷ -10 ¹⁸  number of atoms of hydrogen, for an assumed water the density of 1 g/ml. In a bottle of water that has these atoms of hydrogen (~ 10 ¹⁷ ) and when the nuclear reactions of water taken place and exceed this number of 4,441,000 radioactive decays per second then that water may become acute toxic when drinked. The acute dose number for tritium drinking water is far less than the actual number of hydrogen atoms in the water because the process starts from  the deuterium isotopes which are not so many either.

On a comparison on the one hand is 4 million radioactive decays allowed per year in Canada and on the other hand is the number of approximately 10 ¹⁸ hydrogen atoms which are not all tritiums neither deuterium but mainly protium isotopes of hydrogen. Therefore there is a gap for a reaction in repsect to time so as to be harmful but also the fraction 4million decays/10 ¹⁸ atoms gives an indication to understand when to stop the reaction so as not to produce more tritium. By combining Finland’s allowance to USA total acute radioactive dose the comparison is 30,000 Bq/L (Finland) / 7,000 Bq/L (Canada) = 4,28 times more radioactive decays per second allowed in Finland x 4,441,000 = 19,032,857.14 radioactive decays per second allowed in Finland.   Tritium’s occurrence is less than deuterium, which is at 1 in 6420 hydrogen atom in the ocean. Therefore the risk of this experiment for the previous limitations is not existent because this number of 19,032,857.14 radioactive reactions cannot be found by hydrogen isotopes because the reacting of those isotopes are much less in a 30 gallons of a water tank. The application of electricity was from a 12 V batter with 1 Amp current that lasted 30 minutes.

Tritium inside the human body. Tritium in large quantities should be avoided to drink because it is an alpha particle and can cause mutation and cancer since it enters the human body.  Tritium has a biological time inside a human body of 7-14 days, in other words this is the time it needs to distribute evenly to the organs and get secreted afterwards out of the body. It is an assumption that the occurence of tritium in small doses in the body as a medical care perhaps can affect cancer cells in the similar time scale of the x-ray treatment use by doctors. However further examination whether tritium in small dose is on the positive side of a medical treatment should be necessary so as to prove the beneficial action of this isotope of hydrogen.

Tritium presence in nature, nuclear plants and water electricity experiments. Tritium is also generated by the interaction of neutrons and heavy hydrogen during the fission of uranium with heavy deuterium water. Deuterium is relatively easy in an industrial process to produce in significant quantity by the working plant that works with uranium fuel for enough time. And since the uranium pellets need some time to exhaust to a certain point, the collection of tritium water from the reactor and the proper shielding of these  plants acquires even on that aspect significnace because leakage of tritium adds in its concentration on the environment. Some other experiments written on the world wide web refer that tritium has not a problem to go to the plants as a waste management treatment but this needs further investigation whether the roots of the trees for example can cope with it because roots carry useful bacteria and worms that may not be tolerant to tritium in large quantities. However this risk is minimum regarding the small scale of reactions on this particular experiment.

Tritium in drinking water occurrence. Tritium in drinking water can be compared to levels of natural background radiation exposure and the corresponding risks of cancer. A 1000-mSv acute total body dose increases the risk of cancer mortality over the lifetime by 5% above the average population risk of 25%.

For tritium 1,000 mSv dose is equivalent to 1,000 x 0.1 = 10,000 Bq/L. That dose is acute when taken in one day. The Canadian government suggests for safety reasons to drink 7,000 Bq/L per year. 7,000Bq/L divided by 365 = 19,178 Bq/L per day as the total allowed. By considering the limit for 30,000Bq/L in Finland divided to 19,178 Bq/Lxday gives a number of 1564 times more. This means that for a Finnish standard someone needs to drink 1564 more tritium water glasses per day than he/she drinks usually so as to have acute toxic effect.

Cancer chances of increasement due to tritium drinking. Βy drinking Tritiated Water THO per day at the levels that Canada proposes then the risk of exposure to cancer has 0.00043% to 0.00072% chances to increase compared to the given background cancer risk of 25%.

Consuming water at 20 Bq/L per day over a 75year span corresponds to a one in a million chances to cancer risk. However the most dangerous attitude towards tritium water is to drink it whereas it has minimum to none risk by inhaling tritium gas hydrogen. Tritiated water gas vapour has also low risk to inhale it because it disperses in the atmosphere due to its very small atomic weight.

The probability of the reactions to occur and radiation comparison

Radiocative reactions. A deuterium nuclear fusion means that one neutron passes by the deuterium nucleus and is been captured to form tritium. That is considered a decay to a higher energy level from deuterium to tritium, whereas tritium may fall again to deuterium to a lower energy level according to the r,s process described by Burbridge, Fowler and Hoyle. Actually there are many reactions in fusion and fission processes and the final outcome varies according to various reasons that need examination in detail for making a specific conclusion about the probable outcomes of them. A decay of tritium to helium can give Helium 4 with which is identical to an alpha particle with two protons and two neutrons. Capture of neutrons by a nucleus means that this reaction forms other elements or isotopes of them. Nuclear reaction of water that contains hydrogen induces neutrons to bind to the deuterium nuclei and form tritium isotopes or atoms.  In theory this is a fusion reaction of deuterium to tritium. The vortices and movements that mainly protons and electrons create in the water tank create chances of the neutral in charge neutron particle to reach other nuclei and fuse and this is happening with the thermal energy capacity it acquires which has kinetic energy in it.

Emission of beta particles in heavy water reactions and comparison of radiation. Beta particles can also emit in a heavy water radioactive process since there are neutrons. By having the presence of neutrons and make them react by applying kinetic energy on them is probable that fusion or fission reactions will outcome new neutrons transforming themselves into protons, electrons and antineutrinos, the later transormation being the definition of the beta particle emission.

The emission of beta particles by tritium is weakly radioacte, 7,000 emissions of beta particles by tritium equals 1 emission by Uranium and 70,000 decays of tritium equal 1 radioactive emission of Thorium. The allowable limit for Radon 25 is 1,000 Bq and for Potassium 40 is 4,400 Bq, whereas for Carbon is 14 3,080 Bq, for Rubidium 600 Bq and for Polonium is 37 Bq for Canada. (from Wikipedia).

According to the New Physics explanation

Helium 4 as a Bosson, the four Force Fields, hardons and quarks.

Protons and neutrons are hadrons and their comparison with the bosson Higgs particle. Odd numbers of hadrons make a fermion particle whereas even numbers of hadrons make a bosson. Helium 4, is a bosson, and has analogues properties as to the bosson Higgs particle such as zero spin. A bosson Higgs particle is under the weak force interaction field which is one among the other three force fields. The first is the gravitational force field firstly discovered and mostly solved on earth to a great extent with car machines airplanes boats and many more, the second one is the electromagnetic force field with significant successes in electricity businesses and also in the production of goods or manufacturing whereas the third is the strong force field with design sucesses in atomic or in other words nuclear plants. The weak interaction force field is in very close association to the atom in the strong force field and is in proximity to it so as to make feasible reactions to occur. A lot of people may think that the Higgs bosson particle is something small, or a particle in chaos that speaks to humans as God, but the truth is that it is among the micro-particles that have relatively big size. Actually is huge in size reletively to the small very known particles of the strong force field such as the neutron, the proton and the electron. Bosson Higgs particle lasts very shortly in time in the strong force field and has a meaning there to do its work and form new elements and substances producing energy releases which are again mass according to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies). If it was not huge relatively speaking to the other hadrons as they called the neutrons and the protons mainly, it wouldn’t have power to affect them and cause them to react effectively. For the shake of clarifying more the terms, the hadrons on their behalf are made of other micro-particles called quarks. Protons and neutrons each contain three quarks. A proton is composed of two ‘Up’ quarks and one ‘Down’ quark while neutrons are composed of one ‘Up’ quark and two ‘Down’ quarks. (Jefferson Lab Science and Education).

A proton is made of three quarks, and is also a fermion. A Helium 4 atom is made of 2 protons, 2 neutrons and 2 electrons, hence it is a bosson.

Helium 3 as a fermion. On the same logic as above Helium 3 is a fermion and behaves in an analogues way following Fermi – Dirac Statistics. It is associated more with matter whereas Helium 4 is a force carrier. Helium 3 associated with matter means that is associated fast with Helium 4 matter for example.  Helium 3 is a fast reacting multiple 3 hadron making Helium hadron 4. Helium 3 has too little concentration in this solar system compared to Helium 4 and this is another proof of its fast reaction to Helium 4. Helium 4 is associated with force because it has a force to produce more other elements. A hadron multiple 3 and a hadron multiple 4 means that they have 3 and 4 hadrons each.

Capture of neutrons by nuclei. Whether capture occurs or not depends on the thermal energy capacity of the passing neutrons which translates into kinetic energy. It also depends on which nucleus are going to fuse in terms of its atomic number. A hydrogen duterium nucleus is easy to reach compared to an uranium nucleus because of the density of the electrons around it. By heating an atom the electrons will produce a concentrated mass called plasma of electrons and this mass would deprive the space of the nucleus to get affected by other free neutrons.

Energy of a neutron in order to cause fusion reactions. Some experiments say that nuclear reactions can only occur if the incident neutrons have energy above one million electron volts. Newly created fission neutrons are in this category and move at about 7 % of the speed of light. Moderate neutrons move slower and according to Frank H. Shu, 1982 even a slow neutron can produce a nuclear fusion reaction.

The motion of parcticles has two major attributes of concern the one is their speed and the other is their kinetic energy. Their speed can reach a maximum close to the speed of light and probably less of it but their kinetic energy based on the 2nd law of thermodynamics can increase without limit. According to the density or traffic of the electrons in the copper cable  the turbulance caused inside the medium such as the water may cause the neutrons to aquire the necessary kinetic energy so as to fuse.

Limits of the experiment due to copper material in cables. By inserting a copper cable connected to a battery in the water the electricity will exist up to the point that the salts of the water make a thick surrounding around the copper cables that will stop further flux of the electrons and may even erode the cables. The copper cable is absorbing salts gradually and the cleaning up the salts from the cable will make it capable again for more electrons to pass through it. This need for cleaning would provide a stop in the appliance of electricity so as to provide a safetty measure. A limit time of 30 minutes reactions is enough to prevent large amounts of tritium formation.

High temperature in reactions. Fusion reactions can have more chances to occur by increasing temperature. In high temperatures plasma which is a high-energy state of electrons matter is formed where all the electrons are stripped from atoms and move freely. The Sun achieves very high temperatures by its large mass and with the force of its own gravity is compressing masses in its core. At a human environment microwaves and lasers can reach the result of very high temperatures in reactions.

High pressure in reactions. Pressure also squeezes atoms together and this event provides the necessary distance for fusion. Atoms must be in a short distance between them so as to fuse such as within 1 x 10 ¯⁵ m of each other. By using intense magnetic fields power lasers or ion beams hydrogen atoms can squeeze together. With current technology are achievable temperatures and pressures necessary to make deuterium – tritium fusion possible. Deuterium – Deuterium fusion requires higher temperatures and that fusion may give Helium 4.

Deuterium Isotope of Hydrogen. Most of the natural deuterium on earth has been produced by the Big Bang. Deuterium is a stable isotope of hydrogen with a mass approximately twice that of the usual isotope.  2D or ²H heavy hydrogen atom has a nucleus with one proton and one neutron whereas the far more common protium hydrogen isotope has no neutrons in the nucleus and has only one proton. Deuterium has a rare natural abundance in Earth’s Ocean and counts for approximately 0.0056% or on a mass basis of 0.0312% of all the naturally occurring hydrogen in the oceans, while protium accounts for more than 99,98 %. Deuterium is destroyed in the interiors of stars faster than it is produced  and nearly all deuterium found in nature was produced in the Bing Bang 13,8 billion years ago.

By using the assumption that there are 26 atoms of deuterium per one million hydrogen atoms then in one litre of water there are approximately 1000g/18 g = 55.6 moles of water x 3 x 6 x 10 ²³ atoms. In these atoms 2/1 are hydrogen atoms and the rest are oxygens. Therefore there are approximately 10 ¹⁷ atoms of hydrogen in 1000g of water. From these 10 ¹⁷ atoms of hydrogen only 2.6 x 10 ¹² are deuterium atoms isotopes of hydrogen. If the assumed occurrence is 1 deuterium atom per 6420 atoms of hydrogen then deuterium natural concentration is 1.56 x 10 ¹² per 10 ¹⁷ atoms of total hydrogen in 1000 g of water.

According to some other  sources the natural abundance of Deuterium can be ~ 110 parts per million and a lot of people who make detail analysis of those numbers are mainly interested for the industrial production of deuterium because of its use in uranium reactors.

Deuterium is found also in the gas of giant planets such as Jupiter. However other astronomical bodies are found to have different ratios of deuterium to hydrogen. In comets is thought to be a result of natural isotope separation processes that occurs from solar heating of ices as comets orbit the sun. The water cycle in Earth’s weather can enrich deuterium with respect to protium in specific parts of the ocean. The analysis of deuterium protium ratios in comets found results very similar to the mean ratio in Earth’s Oceans to 156 atoms of deuterium per one million hydrogens. The deuterium/protium ratio of the comet 67 P/ Churyumov – Gerasimenko as measured by the Rosetta space probe is about three times that of the earth water. This figure is the highest yet measured in a comet. Deuterium/ protium ratios thus continue to be an active topic of research in both astronomy and climatology.

Boiling of water. By boiling the water at 100 degrees Celsius protium water escapes as vapour and this process concentrates more the deuterium water. The boiling point of deuterium water is 101.4 ⁰ Celsius and because is slightly higher than the boiling point of protium water deuterium deuterium stays in the kettle if the temperature does not reach the  101.4 ⁰ Celsius. This margin is of 1.4 ⁰ Celsius is an important detail that shows how to increase the natural concentration of the deuterium that the tapwater has.

Electrolysis of water with chemical additions and electrodes. Some experiments refer that electrolysis of water strongly favours Hydrogen atoms being converted to hydrogen gas by increasing D (deuterium) concentration by a factor of about 8 to 1. And by adding NaOH in the water this increases the original concentration of deuterium by a factor of 12.  In other words the ionisation of water to H+ and OH- releases concentrates hyrogen ions in a liquid form. Hydrogen in a liquid form holds an energy that resebles the -259.14 °C of its melting point. The difference of that temperature to the  boiling temperature (-252.87 °C) is about 7 degrees. By applying electricity to the water the formation of hydrogen gas is easy.

However deuterium is heavier and more inert than protium meaning that with electrolysis processes the most probable isotope of hydrogen to become gas and escape is the protium. Similar experiments also refer that with chemical addition or with electrodes the deuterium concentration can reach 10% in the water.

By bringing water to a boil to break up the polymerisation and increase the number of single water molecules and then cool it rapidly so there is less time for them to participate again in polymer groups the result is that deuterium stays separated in different places within the water tank. The concentrastion of deuterium then may be able to rise even more.

Natural electricity in water. The voltage that the tap water has before the application of the chemical energy from the battery can give a reading point in the voltmeter more than 0 and close to 0.1 Volts or more and the bigger the water tank the bigger the natural electricity of the water that is due to electromagnetic forces already exerting in a small scale before the application of the coulomb forces.

Coulomb Forces. By applying voltage with a battery is possible to inject through the copper cable electrons and cause mobility to the water molecules. This kinetic energy induced to the water causes water molecules to split to oxygen and hydrogen atoms. Electrons are dispersed in the water tank whereas protium or deuterium hydrogen aquires on their behalf kinetic energy.  By having increased with a boiler the concentration of deuterium to protium hydrogen ratios the application of Coulomb forces from the battery releases also electrons from the deuterium atoms and creates free deuterium nuclei. This is the starting points of nuclear reactions in the water tank because neutrons reach to an intermediate freedom state. By inserting even more electrons kinetic energy in the water so as to break the proton neutron bond in the D nuclei that gives the first assumed free neutron with considerable mobility.

Cherenkov radiation production probability. If the electrons that aquire kinetic energy by the dielectric medium application travel faster than the speed of light in that medium which is 0.75c for water then Cherenkov bluish radiation is formed which is mostly in ultraviolet frequencies. Prolonged exposure may hurt the eyes and the kin but most people consider this as a low harm radiation.

Moving electrons cause increasing probabilities for deuterium to deuterium fusion reactions. By applying electricity to water the protons that left from the protium nuclei repel each other and this repelling force is also true between two deuterium nuclei that have lost their electrons with the voltage application from a battery. The repelling force between positively charged nuclei such as deuterium ions can increase their distance between them in the water tank at a point in time. The electrons pull protons apart with their charged mass and alongside the protons they move the bonded neutrons of the D (deuterium) nuclei. The vortices of the electrons induced by the voltage actually stir the water and increase the probability of the reactions.

Deuterium’s nucleus probability to split into one single proton and one single neutron. Deuterium can be separated from other deuterium atoms or nuclei but is more difficult  the electric forces to break the strong forces that bind neutrons and protons together in the nucleus as well as the quarks that make up those protons and neutrons and the other hadrons.

The binding energy of deuterium is 2.224 Mev and this is the energy the Coulomb forces should overcame in order to break deuterium to one proton and one neutron.

Mobilising deuterium in kinetic energy enough to fuse into ³He. The electricity current may not be able to split the deuterium nuclei in one step but can mobilise these nuclei. A typical number of kinetic energy for a neutron to perform fusion reactions is 100 MeV. A number of 10 ¹⁷ atoms of hydrogen in approximately 1000 g of water has with a 12 V appliance 12 x 10 ¹⁷ eV total kinetic energy and this amount is by far larger than the 100 MeV needed for a fusion reaction.  This energy is also enough to cause the split of deuterium atom to one proton and one neutron, because of the small level of the binding energy between the two. By considering even the losses of the kinetic energy on the electrons is understandable that all the probability of deuterium to cause fusion reactions deuterium+ deuterium to Helium 3 is very big.

Laurent about Deuterium. The French physicist Laurent refers that even deuterium is radioactive and this has to due on which perspective is this examination. Even the conversion of nitrogen to oxygen by Rutherford used alpha particles and people tend to name an element as radioactive when a significant amount of radiation is released and usually when this radiation has extented ability to harm human cells. In other words every element is radioactive even the fusion of nitrogen to oxygen because all these reactions involve basic radioactive particles and emissions of energy that Rutherford described and discovered.

The potential of electricity in the water with a very great mass of kinetic energy to the electrons may cause two deuterium nuclei to fuse together and produce Helium and that is perhaps deuterium’s radioactivity Laurent described because a Helium 4 nucleus is equal an alpha particle which is radioactive.

Copper cables thickness. The copper cables are slightly different in thickness the black cables is known that are less thick and these are the cables that provide electrons in the water they perform their role as exits of electricity from a source by using the one electron of the outer orbit of the copper element. The red cable is thicker and blocks the exits of electrons creating a difference in the electricity potential that makes this experiment to operate. Voltage is putting molecules of the water in motion and gives them the necessary kinetic energy to pull or repel deuterium atoms or nuclei.
Deuterium fusion to helium. Considering the vast number of electrons set in a motion in the water tank this event can cause the deuterium fusion into Helium. By adding hot water there is increase in the probability of the reactions because heat gives even more kinetic energy to the water molecules. As the electrons start due to the flux from the copper cable the friction of collisions between them and with the molecules of the water that have not yet lost electrons and also with the protons and with the nuclei of deuterium or deuterium atoms they increase the total heat inside the tank with a following increase in the kinetic energy of all the above particles, the nuclei, or the chemical substances and this will go on up to the point that the salts of the water will block the further exit of electrons from the copper cable, whereas that block can also happen by the oxidation of the copper. After that stopping of the exit point of the electrons the temperature will decrease the water molecules will not have more kinetic energy to acquire from the copper cable connected to the battery and the reaction will slow down due to the physical cooling. By adding more cool water the retard of the reactions increases even more.
Using iron as a cable and observing the stratification of the water. By having in this experiment other cables than copper such as iron the process is also going on. Two layers of water, are been made one deep and one in the surface. The stratification of the water is seen better by having some organic material in the tank. The deep water is assumed to be a polymer of mainly water and organic traces whereas the light water on the surface is a water polymer with helium or generally speaking with lighter chemicals compared to the plain water molecules that have molecular weight 18g/mol.
Free neutron further decays or fuse into another nucleus. A fusion reaction creates a free neutron and this neutron would beta decay to create a proton an electron and an electron antineutrino. But if that decay doesn’t happen this free neutron may gain the kinetic energy required to pass near by another deuterium nuclei and cause it to fuse into tritium water. The probability of this event to happen increases to double or quadruple compared to the deuterium fusion to ³He because the new mass of one neutron compared to the D+D fusion to ³He is half the mass of the proton-neutron mass of the D nucleus or one quarter of it if we consider the kinetic energy of the electrons need to move two deuterium atoms.
The initial conclusion is that since deuterium is easy to concentrate in high numbers by boiling water or by giving electricity to it and since the electric forces are producing kinetic energy much higher than the mass of two neutrons plus two protons to fuse into Helium 3 then the reaction neutron + deuterium to form tritium is even more easy and probable to happen when the copper cables are still in the water.
Tritium is considered radioactive for more authors compared to the deuterium and this perhaps has only to say about the intensity of the radiation produced in terms of radioactivity. And that is because deuterium can fuse with tritium to produce Helium 4 that is identical to an alpha particle. According to the strong force field the probability to happen the fusion of deuterium with tritium is less because the mass of the particles involved is more than the neutron with the deuterium fusion but still is easy to occur with the 12 V battery because enough mobility is still given. How slow or fast moving neutrons can produce fusion reactions depends on the r, s process described by Burbridge, Fowler and Hoyle.
Fusion probability. Deuterium and Tritium nuclei have all together approximately five time the mass of a single neutron therefore the probability of deuterium to tritium fusion to Helium 4 is assumed approximately 5 times less than the neutron capture inside the nucleus of deuterium to form tritium. That has something even more positive to say for the safety of this experiment and about the radioactivity because as the heavier nuclei are formed it becomes more difficult to find the kinetic energy to overcome the binding energy and split the atom of further elements on the periodic table order.
Observations after the reactions. The water becomes more crystal clear and by giving a plant leaf in the tank the dilution of nitrogen of it is observed very distinctively.  Also by adding a dead fish of the size of 5 cm the decomposers that give colour and undesirable effects to an aquarium are not observed in the water column.  The mineral salts bound with the water ions no longer exist on that form since a lot of water molecules have been broken to simpler elements after the application of the electricity. The mineral salts precipitate at the bottom of the tank and they don’t let the bacteria to grow in the water column. The radiation produced affects also the bacteria on their reproductive efficacy. Bacteria can not find in the water column nutrition and also at the time of the radiation production the transformation process of transferring DNA from the bacteria donors to the bacteria recipients is altered and becomes ineffective.
Alpha particle radiation in a small dose. Is of low harm because the skin of the human body blocks it. Helium has a melting point of 268.6 degrees Celsius and a melting point of 268 degrees Celsius. It starts its formation from liquid water in this experiment but is too small the temperature difference it has from the state of liquid to the gas state. Helium can fuse together to form Beryllium that produces effective low dose of gamma radiation that is more harmful to humans but in small quantities this is not a concern.

Proton decay. In particle physics proton decay is a hypothetical form of radioactive decay in which the proton decays into a neutral pion and a positron.

The Higgs Bosson field unlike other known fields such as the electromagnetic field it has a non-zero constant value in vacuum. This reveals the creating power of this field in making new particles or to give mass to particles and decide their minimum sizes. Therefore it would be more probable, that the forces of the weak interaction field  increase the possibility of fusion reaction in the water medium.

The presence of the Higgs Boson field explains why some fundamental particles have mass and without the presence of this field they would be expected to be without mass. Although the Higgs field is no zero everywhere and its effects ubiquitous, proving its existence was far from easy. In principle it can be proved to exist by detecting its excitations that manifest it as Higgs particle. Further on the excitation or the expression of it is important the yield of Bosson Higgs field in producing other combinations of masses.

Higgs Bosson has a mass of 125 – 127 GeV/c², which is far greater than the mass of a proton or a mass of a neutron and this particle is consistent with the short range of the weak force. The force is in fact termed weak because its field strength over a given distance is typically several orders of magnitude less than that of the strong nuclear forces or the electromagnetic forces. (from wikipedia).

Helium 3 is considered as a fermion and can’t have a constant non zero value. It fuses with deuterium or with another Helium 3 into Helium 4. Helium 4 is a bosson and can have a non zero constant value. Helium 4 is considered as a force carrier because it remains longer without reacting to other substances, whereas Helium 3 is associated with matter because it fuses to other matters such as Helium 4 easily. Helium 4 is by far more abundant than Helium 3 and accounts to 99.99986% of the Helium on Earth.

It is impossible for the fermion force fields to have a large constant non-zero average value in nature. Bossons can be non-zero on average. Fermions can pair with each other or anti fermions to make composite bosons and those composite bosons can be non-zero on average.

Deuterium as a bosson and as a fermion. Deuterium nucleus is considered as a bosson, whereas deuterium atom is considered as a fermion and deuterium molecule is considered as a bosson.


Figure 1. Deuterium as a boson or a fermion in different quantum states.

Because deuterium atom is a fermion means that by applying voltage to it the probability of losing its electron is explained even by the particle physics theory. It either becomes a nucleus of deuterium or combines with other deuterium atoms and becomes a molecule of deuterium. The deuterium atom is more probable to increase the concentration of deuterium nucleus as opposed to stay as deuterium atom because deuterium atom is a fermion field. This fact increases the chances of deuterium nuclei to collide into Helium 3 and because Helium 3 is a fermion also its residence period is short and provide the more stable Helium 4. The conclusion is that under circumstances Laurant the French Physicist is right and deuterium is radioactive because eventually gives alpha particle radiation with very high probability. But more importantly the Particle Physics theory give certainty about understanding the results of reactions and the products they produce.

Any particle or element which is comprised of an even number of fermions is a boson, while any particle which is comprised of an odd number of fermions is a fermion. Fermions have half integral spins and it can only exist one fermion per single quantum state. Electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, and neutrinos are fermions. Photons and gluons are bossons and they have integral spin.

Figure 2. Quantum states decide the direction of reactions.
Deuterium probability to fuse together into Helium 3 and consequently into Helium 4. In a certain quantum state as quantum state 1 or 2 an odd number of fermions may exist in the water medium. On the assumption that free electrons pass between two deuterium bosons nuclei then the possibility exists that the deuterium nuclei and one electron are all together a fermion, because of having a combination of three particles. When a free proton from the protium nucleus of hydrogen isotope been stripped off its electron that situation with one deuterium nucleus forms another quantum state with an odd number of fermions at a specific time. These quantum states are not stable and Helium 3 is going to proceed in the chain reaction as shown in the figure above. The new quantum state is again a fermion being not stable because Helium 3 is composed of three fermions in the strong force field.  Helium 3 fermion therefore will fuse either with the deuterium or with another helium 3 nucleus to form the stable bosson Helium 4. The final reaction of the figure above yields protons in other words hydrogen protium nucleus and energy of 18.4 MeV per reaction.
Probability of protons and neutrons to stay in the water tank. 0.67 eV is the energy needed by a proton or neutron to escape the earth’s gravity. That means that the protons and the neutrons are in an ascending motion by applying the voltage and the chances to react are confined to the time they stay in the water tank before they escape to space.
Tritium as a fermion and its fusion to Helium 4 with deuterium – Particle Physics theory usage. Tritium is a fermion and follows Fermi – Dirac Statistics it has an odd number of fermions one proton and two neutrons and by being unstable, it can fuse to helium 4 which has two protons and two neutrons. Even if Helium passes temporarily from the state of Helium 3 it will not stay long and will fuse again to Helium 4.
Deuterium is also produced in heavy water moderated reactors when the deuterium nucleus capture a neutron. According to Frank H.Shu Proffesor of Astronomy University of California Berkeley in the book The Sun as a Star – The Physical Universe an Introduction to Astronomy – in the chapter Nuclear Forces and Nuclear Reactions published by University Science Book 1982 Sausalito California whether a neutron will convert into a proton without beta decay or even a slow neutron may be absorbed by an atomic nucleus making the later heavier by one atomic mass one baryon that depends on the r, s process described by Burgbridge, Fowler and Hoyle.
Figure 3. Deuterium feasibility to fuse with a neutron to tritium.
By adding on the above the basic idea of the weak interaction force theory these two theses agree in the sense that the deuterium nucleus which is a bosson has chances to form tritium when a fast or even slow moving neutron is passing by the nuclei of deuterium. This quantum state would have on an odd number of particles therefore it would be unstable and it would form a new quantum state with four particles including probable one electron in the tritium nucleus which would be a tritium atom.  The free neutrons necessary for the reaction of the above figure can begin to exist by the deuterium to deuterium fusion to Helium 3 with one neutron release that may or not beta decay.
Figure 4.  Deuterium to deuterium fusion causes free neutrons to release.
The next reaction of tritium nucleus that may concern is its spontaneous fission to deuterium because tritium is a fermion and therefore is not stable to exist for long time.
Figure 5. Tritium fission to deuterium
The above figure is a probable quantum state in the sense that tritium may not find on this particular quantum anything else to react and there is probability to make fission reactions to deuterium, but the chances of which reaction takes place firstly or secondly depends again on the r,s process description or this explanation can come from the weak force interaction field by looking in close detail.
Only one fermion can occupy a particular quantum state at any given time and if multiple fermions have the same spatial probability distribution then at least one property of each fermion such as its spin must be different otherwise there is going to happen a reaction to a bosson quantum state.
Properties of helium 3. At low temperatures fermions show super fluidity for uncharged particles and superconductivity for charged particles. Helium 3 at 0.025 K is a superfluid with zero viscosity and can flow without loss of kinetic energy. By managing to capture the rare in probability quantum state of Helium 3 and keep the superfluid that means that the energy stored by the series of reactions can be used further. Helium 4 has a boiling point of 4.2 K is the lowest of any known substance and as a bosson it has zero spin whereas resembles on that attribute the Higgs Bosson particle that also has zero spin.
Electrons are very different than nucleons. Electrons are leptons whereas protons and neutrons are made up of fundamental particles called quarks. The difference between quarks and leptons is that leptons are unaffected by the strong interaction carried by gluons. What binds ‘’glues’’ the quarks in a nucleus together is from the strong interaction whereas electrons are basically insensitive to this force so they don’t stick together and they rather form in high density an electron cloud called plasma. However they can interact via the weak force, allowing an electron to participate as an energy carrier in reactions where a proton for example decays into a neutron and an antineutrino. The weak force interaction field reveals an explanation and gives understanding points to the even more higher probability of the actual fusion of deuterium with deuterium to give Helium 3 and many other fusions, as for a certain quantum state. In case that one particle is missing to explain the formation of new nuclei then this gap is filled by the weak force interaction field which shows in a way where that particle may come from.
New life found on water supply tubes used as an aquatic life limiting factor. The description of the whole above experiment comes with the proof for the weak interaction force field that it is a radioactive experiment on the benefit of clearing the water in an aquarium. Small larvae like organisms that make spores in the water supply tubes and reveil themselves in the tank can survive this electric water clarifying application and give a sign and a biological measure of the aquatic life tolerance.

Fishing with electricity

Sea cultivation and fishing methods with electricity. By applying the battery to the shore, at the point of the appliance the fast formation of helium creates a cool spot whereas by adding nitrogen at various other points the difference in temperature is sensible. Sparkles of iron appear very fast after the addition of nitrogen proving that the constant motion of seawater has the required energy to form helium alpha particles and other elements further right on the periodic table such as oxygen, iron and sulphur on the cable. Iron is copious in land but is missing in a great extent at sea. Therefore the point of creating iron at sea using the power of the water adds a rare and useful element for sea’s biological organisms. The application of electricity inside the water brigns a cleaning power into it, by working in the same way as in the water tank. On the other hand the electricity affects the brain of the fish and gives to them an electrotaxis during their swim in a semi-anesthetic way rendering them an easier catch.

Fishing ethics. Fishing has a sentient among other professions that is declining in areas where urbanisation has taken steps for ruling the shores. There are numerous issues that make the fishing job access to the sea difficult even for new fishermen who want to go to the shore and practice. As far as the safety of the fishermen it starts from the shore. A fisherman is quite probable to go and find deserted beach areas as much away from the urban development so as to work at the shore. However in such areas other claimers of the shore may exercise danger with hostile activities such as drones flying that may be unaccepted by the fishing society. The fact is that the fishermen face risks not only in the dangerous open sea but also on the way to her.  Various authors suggest to go and find the people who fly objects such as drones and talk to them or talk to the police as a last resource. Another example of the blockings at sea is the massive occupation by businesses such as restaurants and entertainment clubs in many cases over the law limit in cities such as Athens in Greece. The defence however of the fisheremen can have many approaches depending on the knowledge of the shore. In an assumption that a shore has various coffee shops in a distance from the sea less than 50 metres away from the wave whereas the law says that they should be at least 50 metres away, then the issue of the defence for the fishermen may render them as self sustained meaning that they may not have the expected legal support by the governmental bodies. In the case that the drone comes from an area that has a racing shop with track for cars, one question is whether it would be immoral to put the two shops the one which produces this drone flight culture and the other that is illegal due to its position and its distance from the shore to consume each other. However the previous may not be the most effective way and could bring more conflict whereas a loud referral of the situation to the local authorities can increase the effectiveness as far this problem is concerned. The fishing job is not a battle but it is a very competitive occupation and the ones who are more able to communicate ideas about the best management of the shore should be expected to prevail.

Aquarium conditions

For a farmer the success is to imitate nature and increase the conditions that plants need. On the same logic in aquaculture it is important the imitation of the water environment and an aquarist should achieve the desirable conditions for the fish. Dissolved oxygen in large quantities is an important factor and by changing water every day with new clean water this is feasible. If that water is dechlorinated ice then the dissolved oxygen increases even more due to the favourable temperature conditions that enhance the dilution of more oxygen from the atmosphere through the surface of the water in the tank. Some experiments suggest that by cycling an algal rock for six months of growth then the desirable nitrifying bacteria inside the tank prevail over the heterotophous bacteria that create blur conditions. The point is to have the necessary numbers of nitrosomonas and nitrobacter that break ammonia from the urine of the fish and to decompose also the faeces of the fish. Without the nitrosomonas and the nitrobacter nitrifying bacteria the level of oxygen inside the water decreases. The third most important group of bacteria are the denitrifying bacteria that use oxygen to break even further the NO2 (nitrites) and NO3 (nitrates) producing on their turn nitrogen gas rendering the nitrites and nitrates to level zero which is a success for an aquarium. At nitrites and nitrates zero even the eggs of the cuttlefish can hatch and this is important for the advanced aquarists. However the cycling time of 6 months as experiments suggest may not be necessary, meaning that in shorter time the fish may enter the water tank by applying voltage in the water so as to reduce the growth of heterotrophous bactteria. With small number of heterotrophous bacteria the process of decomposing a dead fish for example becomes more accurate. The decomposers gather only at the fish, they decompose it and they don’t spread to the whole of the water column, keeping a crystal clear view of the aquarium’s water. The phosphates produced by the breaking process of the fish tissues are giving also the extra benefit of a fertiliser for the algae to grow.

Voltmeter reading in the water tank with oil spill pebbles. By applying the voltmeter in a water tank with some pebbles from the oil spill event, the reading of the meter there is smaller compared to clean water because the concentration of the water alters. The argument may be small but not negligible, which is that the dissolved oxygen that enters through the interface of the air and the water in the tank cannot find as much free space to dilute in the water with the oil spill. In other words this water tends to acquire more properties of a stagnant water with less motion and less electricity reading.

pH in the oil spill tank. The pH readers on the oil spill tank with the pebbles from the polluted shore show that the KH’s ability as a buffer increases and the water as a total entity uses hard substances.  That has a cost in the pH that drops less than 6.2 in this water tank very shortly after the insertion of the pebbles.

Green and red algae rocks and their behaviour. Rocks with green algae on, have been added to the water tank and their behaviour was to give their spores on the bottom of the tank reproducing themselves and creating a green algal bed. The image of the aquarium has been improved because of this fact giving the sense of a more natural tank whereas red algae had similar response and tend to compete for space on the rocks and the tank bottom. Even when the electricity appliance took place the new algae were not affected on a negative way.
Shoal of fish and schooling behaviour. In a separate tank a bigger addition in the numbers of fish was done in order to achieve shoals of fish and schooling behaviour. In biology any group of fish that stay together for social reasons are shoaling and if the group is swimming in the same direction in a coordinated manner, they are schooling.
About one quarter of the fish species shoal all their lives and about one half shoal for part of their lives. The previous biological finding gives to the researcher who wants to make an aquarium the logic to make these shoals with about ten individuals regarding also the size of the tanks. These shoals in other words provide  survival benefits to the fish. Fish in the sea derive many benefits from shoaling behaviour including defence against predators, enhancing of foraging success, and higher success in finding a mate.
Fish benefit also from shoal membership through increased hydrodynamic efficiency. Fish may pick up individuals of the same species and gather together as a shoal and when a foreign fish to them appears, they use their schooling behaviour to swim with a very high hydrodynamic efficiency stating to the other fish their presence in a very dynamic way. The distinction of the other fish may be that it is different in conditions, for example is a more shocked fish because is a new entry in the aquarium. By applying electricity to this tank with the fish the observation is of a more shoaling behaviour in an order. This is because electricity gives electrotaxis because it paralyses the central brain nervous system of the fish. This is obviously a fishing method which can provide enormous economy in mechanised boats by reducing fishing effort in relation to the catch of fish.
The food chain shows how the organisms are related with each other by the food they eat. Fish have been evolved to live in the sea environment and there is recorded in their genes their behaviour to manage and live within the food chain by trying to escape predation from other species as much as they can. Therefore the shoal of the fish and the schooling are very important biological adaptations that provide safety and benefits to survive.
By combining the two facts the food chain and the shoal behaviour it derives as a hint for the aquarist to try and build shoals of fish in the aquarium because the chances to find which are the most adaptable species are increasing. By shoaling up to 12 fish, shy and skittish fish stop these behaviours and become more energetic because the shoal makes them more self – assured to avoid predators and that would be an interesting observation about these particular genetics.
Fish choose to shoal according to their size and age however they do not shoal necessarily everytime to the same species. Their priority is to hide and they make many kind of shoals so as to protect themselves from predators bigger than them. Swimming with individuals of the same species could be a second task of a priority for them.
Garden soil aquarium tank. By forming an aquarium with garden soil the readers of nitrites show that the increased acidity of the water due to the soil affect the bacteria nitrosomonas that do not carry on the nitrifying process as fast they do in a less acidic water. Fish that come from seawater tend to prefer the hard tap water with pH around 8 compared to the below 7 pH of the garden soil tank.


Order in The Environmental Ethics Scale

ethics rocks
Figure 6. The Evolution of the Ethics. Figure from the Environmental Policy and Management Lectures in the University of Plymouth, UK.

Maneuvering in the Environmental Ethics.  Many people who run half way the ethics scale start to invest in humankind and they are good to humans of their kind, by ignoring however what is before humankind. The before humankind ethical steps are the beginnings to be human, and this starts from the nature or life and even from the rocks. By working in life such as plants and waters or even bacteria and wind turbines or anything else for the benefit of nature there is no way not to find the next ethical step which is animals, and by being good to animals by helping them to reach offspring this may be equal to a job position.  Humans by being close to nature they may look to have more mammal behaviour themselves and this gains acceptance.  By finding other humans who do similar good work on earth such as in soils or waters then this part of the humankind may live in a better quality. By spreading such messages into the society the result is a more proper nation in every job.  Tribe family and self are the following steps on the ethical scale.  The tribal  step may mean that some people from various nations or races work together with a prerequisite to share strong agreements upon values.  The tribal step is important because every major project in Europe includes people from different nations and races to cooperate and this is tribe in a small scale.  Separatists give bigger emphasis in nations which is too little to carry a project of the size of a bridge for example or a tunnel or a nuclear power station and this is not on the benefit of the world. Values of cooparation between nations and races prevail as opposed to separatism as such observed on the Barcelona Puidgemont criminal case in 2017.

Life evolution on earth is on earth. The first priority the US Americans should do is to understand the chances of Mars to had life and the chances of humans on earth to sense this life without navigating through space objects on rocks. The US Americans have problems in ethics understanding and they call humans to go after the year 2100 in Mars so as to be out of their earth home and this is an unaccepted call which insults all the human genes for thousands of years of evolution on earth and not somewhere else. The failure of the Americans to manage their environment should not create another syndrome of destruction in other planets. The whole process of US education and life creates humans with a desire and an ability to destroy. Words such as object or paper or money can describe a homo sapiens who walks in two legs and has the US nationality so as to dinstiguish him/her from normal humans who respect ethics.

The evolution of ethics brings among others the importance of the self. A self can be even an unborn child and this self has rights easy to understand. However at the beggining of the ethics evolution humans of the past gave their archaeological evidence that they were depended on the rocks to make shelter in caves and also to make tools with the aid of stones such as to cut meat. This part of the human history a lot of people tend to ignore it and there is no doubt that they are doing wrong. US space missions budgets are the easiest example that shows clearly that the US want to destroy rocks not regarding their intrinsic value. Space missions such as the British ones from the University College London may have been on the top of the atmosphere to measure X rays because atmosphere wouldn’t allow that and this was for the benefit of our society with many applications. The ambition however within other space missions has led to a cemetery of objects in other planets. Even if their extreme argument is right that after the year 2100 humans may be able to walk in Mars this approach to add disconnected robots, by the year 2100 the Martian soil will be a sum of dispersed landfills containing robotic metals. This problem of violation of the rock rights is a violation to the environment and gives the worst possible sign or example to people who live on earth. This kind of practice of hard competition within the coffee breaks of the space workers around the world starts falsely with the immoral apsect of destroying before even building. Questioning of planets may be also feasible as a remedy to this. For example if humans want to learn something about the undergound of Mars they could have directed their efforts to bombard a small area of the planet from the earth with small and more effective particles so as to make the soil to react. If there was water underground that would be seen, but if this argument  implies a satelite to watch Mars the conclusion is that if there is not feasible such effectiveness not to pollute Mars then every mission should stop permanently. If that research carries on with very much pace then on the worst sace scenario the first humans on Mars would experience the worst ever sentient human beings have ever felt. And that would be of a hostile radioactive planet full of failed missions of the past with damaged robots on the surface of Mars by people that they wouldn’t be alive by then.

Neither humankind nor animals or nature have destroyed ecosystems or opposed rights with the way the US Americans do because humans use limited space for landfills. There is a view about ethics evolution history in the US but according to the genes of who went there as far as the Mediterranean, are people with a strong tension to let their villages abandoned. Rockets in Mars also take the word abandonment for the objects let as rubbish on another planet. The US attitude to ethics creates a sentient of vomit and reveals the endless problems of the US. US immigrants did everything they could to leave their villages leave their animals, their lands, the birds, the waters their soils without a convincing care that they would come back and look after them because airplane was not invented by then. This form of rush in colonisation of continents is unaccepted in a moral level. The door in human history that the US Americans closed didn’t have a happy opening on the conquest of the America with the aggressive way they did it. Australia, Canada or Greenland on the other hand are more deserted places due to cold or heat and the colonisation there happened in a more ordered way without as such aggressive interference with the aboriginals.

There is a vast difference in respect to ethics even by similar type of colonials on roughly the same geographical location. Due to that ethics fact the US American nation render themselves as the most unpleasant kind of humans to such an extent that Darwin’s theory about new species creation may start its new fulfillment. US Americans are not desirable to give offspring with Europeans because they are so different between, to the point that Europeans may not recognise that US Americans belong in the same species in a cultural level at least. Most Europeans wouldn’t allow humans such as US Space Missioners administrators to speak the offensive way they speak. In the 21st century this may have a very strong tone in cultural depreciation whereas in the future is quite probable this difference to evolve in an even more stable genetic difference.

The backward step on Ethics by the United States is unprecedented in the human history. No single living organism has so much irresponsibility in respect to garbage disposition as the US Americans with numerous waste gathering points in various planets including earth.  The national story is naive about finding life similar to what humans know because life evolves according to the environemnt. On the assumption of nowadays life in Mars it would require a form a shielding with lead on shells of organisms in case they are composed from lipids, proteins and all the known forms of tissue. USA national adventure is far from the reality because if they had respect in morals they would let Mars to speak to humans first. Instead of that, all the rush for taking imaging from Mars brought more poverty into the US where students in the University Campuses divide themselves in groups to fight and that is very rare or past to Europe.

Destroying ecosystem is a modern phrase of saying something that cannot actually happens by humans.  However is evident that in cities such as New York and Los Angeles this is already done to a great extent and the quality of the environment there due to traffic pollution and congestion, is poor. The skyscrapers deserve severe critiques because they keep too much population whereas a better idea would be to spread the population with small villages all around the US. Canada on the other hand has open space and immigration to Canada documents should be more relax to absorb the population of Mega City Regions of the US without serious borders in the case Canadians find humankind reasons to do so. The depreciation in the heart of people for cities such as New York can have a benefit and it would suppress New York’s negativity. This negativity can affect in everything, the social security system in America is a phrase with amplification that may be interpreted wrongly in Europe. An example on this are the numerours wire fences found in cities for reasons of security and is quite probable that the US culture is hitting cities and have brought this urban syndrome with gates and lockers everywhere in major cities such as in Athens, Greece.  All these means of defence against terror apply to average living environments such as in New York. The voice of New York, that gets magnification by cinema and media so as to be effective brings a sentience of false law as if every part of the world has the number of New York criminals whereas this is far from true. By factoring out US the world is practically much more peaceful but by including US is annoyed though by US sounds.

There is no question however that the political ambitions of US Americans expressed with social media electronic platforms dominating the earth with billions of subscribers, and have oppresed other internet sites to global rank positions lower than they deserved. US politicians and hostile Univeristies used Americans to create photon masses of very immoral activities such as sharing babies photographs all around the world. Whereas in New York there is considerable slum, the US Universities on the other hand deserve too much condemnation for investing to knowledge about the social media and expensive detail for the solar system for doing nothing more than immoral acts. Babies in photos are seen through photons which are objects and this is totally immoral to see too much quantity of photographs depicting the success of humankind the reproduction through a shielding of objects. Either these social media should create mechanisms to control their photon objects or they shouldn’t have been created for no one’s shake or ambition.

The importance of tribe as a non excluding ethical factor. Since a tribe is after the nation in the Environmental ethics theory this is a feed for more thought on an assumption of a tribe as a working medium of production. On a following assumption that there is a ready need for a project the tribal building composition is senses more value than a national one because of the  actual need for variance in worker’s background that has been proved to bring good resutls. An example for it is the Hinkley Point Nuclear plant which is a French Chinese construction and it wouldn’t be a reality without mixing people from different nations and form the construction site’s human composition.

A huge land acreage abandoned in Greece from the old airport has not seen any progress for 16 years after the closure. Nation composed by only Greeks proved that cannot go ahead or even think which right about which project should run so as to take the huge runaway for reconstruction. Therefore the environmental etchics scale study is a useful tool to broaden the understandging about important issues and why they happen or not. Is very simple to understand that other nationalities who would be able to work in such projects should not be excluded by a national approach to projects. It is very hard to believe that a German national for example has nothing to offer in this. Not only Germans but many nationalities should participate because is not expected by the Greeks to have experience in such projects as to the reuse of an airport because they haven’t done it again on that scale before.

The demand for the old airport reconstruction in Athens Greece. The old airport is closed since 2002 and government proved that nation alone cannot do the project of reconstruction because of conflict on various interests.  Many reconstruction options were suggested from Formula 1 race track, to a Casino and a very huge park. These suggestions were under the failure of the Tourism model so as to make Elliniko old airport an attraction for revenues. Nevertheless the tourism model has led Greece to economic failure with austerity and the biggest bail out money in the human history given to a nation. Tourism is not the first need of this society and there are various ways to see this. In 2017 there are about 9,000 – 10,000 Greek students in British Universities alone not counting the rest of Europe such as France, Germany, Sweden, and others.  By excluding though the objects of paper money such as those gained by tourism is clearer to observe what the real needs of people are and perhaps this is the most valid way to choose a project. Education is always a top need for a society and since the terrible economic lending of Greek People proves this lack of good education in Greece then the choice for the old airport acreage should start from what the people suggest as opposed to companies.

Athenian architecture during the first few years of the 21st century has to show some new buildings that compete in quality to top constructions in the world but these buildings are neither schools or hospitals. Fantastic architecture in shopping centres spreads throughout Athens with cinema screen complexes that have aesthetic success. Thus the issue may not be about the quality of architectture every time but also goes rather to the issue architecture for the best demand. A country such as Greece that can’t cope with their economics and ask to borrow so much money is evident that needs education firstly of all. Therefore there is not such a priority in the architectural demand for opera houses, arts centres or screens for blockbuster shows because the economic problem is still not solved. Other proffesions more basic such as farming and fishing need better support so as to build in the long term revenues and basic primary production targets to high quality. The huge investment in infrastructure such as roads, oil and gas pipes proved that didn’t save Greece for coming down to even lower economic standards. If infrastructure in Greece were about to go somewhere that would be to examine the feasibility of cutting the sea routes between Greece and Italy and working in other means of transportation solutions. Small air carriers could make the Otranto strait flight instead of losing people in unnecessary boat trips across the Adriatic with unsuitable large ships that was the prevailing situation, before Venice announced to remove cruise ships.

The failure to run all the track of the environmental ethics with dignity. People who start their chase for family from plain humankind ethics and oppose so severely the steps behind it in the environmental ethics ladder reach less value overall. When these people are set to make their family a tribal working solution may miss to them. People remember what they say and what they do and also what other people say.  People who ignore rocks, natural environment, life, plants, animals and mammals do need a university orientated architecture solution.  Is so obvious that a university includes horticulture for example and life sciences, and geography as well as art and architecture and media and so on in other words the university has contact to all the matter of the lifes and can cure the increasing number of objects affecting badly the human soul. People who said only yes to failed humankind running on a average chase of values receive very strong critiques by humans who want to go society more forward whereas racism is a way to miss the tribe as a value.

Cinema and  TV screen photons of low quality.  Business people they invest their money somewhere that they know for sure they will make profits.  Cinema screens and shopping centres may give revenue in the short term but in a society that has problems even in recognising the priority of the architectural demand then the sustainability of the whole  community may be in question. People who produce photon objects in the cinema the TV and the internet may apply portions of biology and science in movies scenarios and so on but it is quite probable for such average modern works to lag behind the deep aim of education. On the other hand people seem to recognise the fact that there is already enough knowledge in the past and economy in their life may mean to learn as much of the existing knowledge.  A cinema screen can show  nature as a mass of photons, whereas a geography class goes to the landscapes so as the students to take the real taste of working in nature.  The business people who offer entertainment even around the issue of nature may contribute to the environmental values by an indirect way through nature images but the real gain does not develop by the secured way of a show. This is because nature is a foreign environment to humans in terms of so many odours and unknown organisms faced by the people who work there and only if people have knowledge to face other species can appreciate the benefit of this value.

Fuel usage per capita for various means of tarnsportation. According to the comparison of Energy Use & CO2 Emissions from Different Transportation Modes presented by M.J Bradley & Associates from Manchester sent to the American Bus Association in Washington DC there is a clear explanation about the fuel usage. It is better a three-seated car rather than a less than 40 % in capacity bus running on the streets. The most carbon dioxide emissions per passenger are from a ferry boat whereas the emissions from one-seated car add to the environment on a slightly less amount compared only to a ferry boat passenger. The airplane is among the most friendly ways to travel because carbon dioxide per passenger is low and besides an airplane accident even if it happens cannot damage with oil spills the sea.

Connection of oil spill accident with oil demand. There is a lot of discussion about the Grand Prix calendar and how the races of this sport affect the fuel usage. The point is that these races do affect in a straight way the oil demand but also affect the behaviour of the drivers who do not oblige with speed limits. Drivers on the streets tend to immitate the behaviour of the Formula 1 drivers and in a society who can’t apply the law of the speed limits the problem is far from the increase of the oil demand on the days of the Grand Prix. People create an agressive culture during the Grand Prix races in terms of the oil demand and their aggresive culture has no end with marriages on the days of the Grand Prix that increase the party. Nations who have taken measures to reduce the use of oil can get justifications to celebrate on the Grand Prix days but nations that have done so little on this issue of low carbon emissions should not have complaints for the persecutions of such ceremonies. Seas such as the Mediterranean and the Caspian Sea are too vulnerable because they are closed ones whereas the Gibraltar strait is not enough at all for excusing the same party on the Grand Prix days all over the world.

Culture associated with environmental bad behaviour. For explaining the relation of major oil spill accidents with the oil demand pressure applied to the gas stations there is a need to attribute average moral behaviour to one seat drivers who may think that their behaviour doesn’t affect the oil demand. From a sociology perspective these people tend to take as a for granted fact the destruction of the environment acting on a pessimist way which indicates that not many things can be done so as to protect the sea.  The date of the oil spill in Greek Saronikos Gulf of Athens on the 10th of September was after a hot summer with many marriages and many Grand Prix that found the tip of the demand on the most polular Grand Prix of the area the Italian Grand Prix in Monza Italy which was 7 days before the accident. On the opposite argument some people say that is difficult to prove with a scientific way the link between culture and effect on the environment However even without many events to correlate and prove the association of culture and environmental accidents there is a strong sense that culture has connection to oil spill accidents and a justification for this can be done through the observation of the oil demand.

What we see from zoo experiments is that animals like gorillas imitate human behaviour by bringing for example a mirror to them.  A mirror is a human object invented by humans and serves some very well known purposes to all. Gorillas found in this study interesting this game of looking themselves in mirrors and they experienced a sentient of laughter. They were going behind the mirror to see who is this ”double self of them” with an emotion of wonder but not in a wild mood to break the mirror.

On the same recipe with the gorilla mirror experiment many drivers in the street of Athens and other Mediterranean areas see the Grand Prix race as a chance to imitate the Formula 1 driver because that makes them feel important. They create an illusion into their heads that they are some bodies who worked hard gained money by banks and loans and they feel some kind of freedom to sense the speed of the race illegally on the streets with most of the times over the speed limits in a weak enforcement of the governmental law by a weak government based on nation. The result of this behaviour had a detrimental result on the most popular Grand Prix on this side of the Mediterranean.  Greek people have the strongest connection with Italian people more than any other nation for obvious reasons that have to do with common history in a great extent.

Greece entered the E.U in the early 80’s of the 20th century and found there Italy who had already joined from the start of the Union back in the 50’s. Greece didn’t find other friendly neighbour nations such as the Bulgarian of the Eastern Block due to Moscow’s shadow on them that didn’t let any kind of relation up to the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 almost one decade after the entrance of Greece into the E.U.

More on this the entrance of Greece in the E.U liberated loans and Greek drivers found easy trade laws to occupy the streets with many new cars from the Italian industry. The false appraisal of architecture priorities that translate to cinemas, small or big shops selling mainly imports, without a strong competitive strategy among Greek universities brought this moral outcome to the drivers of Greece, meaning that they have immoral behaviour of imitation to the Grand Prix Formula 1 drivers. On the other hand is immoral to compare humans with gorillas however the finding is that imitation occurs to both. A human siting next to a gorilla is immoral but what would a fisheries manager do to emphasise the total disappointing attitude of humans who tried severely to detsroy the sea is a serious question.

Equal consideration to humans but also to animals.  People are equal in the sense that they deserve equal consideration. Being equal means to gain rewards and feel proud of what you really are compared to others. The Hanover born astronomer Caroline Herschel was the first female scientist ever paid by the UK with 50 pounds per year for a life time.

This woman did a map with nebulae and star clusters being out in the cold clear nights sweeping with her telescope the sky and she saw and recorded 6 new comets at that time.  This woman did an amazing job and humans like her get prizes from our society. People who want to be equal to others but have stress to prove they are good in something they probably get less awards at work. The stressed people need to solve their anxiety problems and this is the way equal consideration works. People do not draw a straight line to say for example that all people should receive the same medical care because some need more of it at a time. Is the simple way to explain the confused hypothesis that all people are equal. What is really happening is that people are equal according to what they are capable of doing as a matter of their performance at work.

Cats and dogs and any kind of animals or mammals have the same ability to suffer as humans do. Bull fights, dog fights and rats used in experiments are examples of animal torture. These animals need equal consideration with other living organisms in terms of suffering. Animals should suffer on the same way that a human is allowed to suffer.

A lot of people have grasped the previous ideas and they apply them at work. A medic can stop the torture of the rats and other animals or mammals. To see the effects of smoke for example to human lungs he/she can produce a living lung tissue sample from a sick human body that underwent an operation. By applying electricity to this tissue can make the lung respiring, and make the study of the effect of smoking without the use of animals.

Car in China. The abandonment of villages in China whether people give or not their critiques about this internal immigration shows two things. First that centruries after the invention of the car a lot of people depend on it for their living. Secondly is a question whether China will manage adequately its natural environment after the massive movement of population from the countryside to cities.  The cattle crisis has occured in China and the numbers of cows and bulls have very low levels in relation to population and it would be a question how China would manage to restore the populations for this animal since less people are going to work for farming in the future.

25. Frank H.Shu Proffesor of Astronomy University of California Berkeley in the book The Sun as a Star – The Physical Universe an Introduction to Astronomy – in the chapter Nuclear Forces and Nuclear Reactions published by University Science Book 1982 Sausalito California
26. Wong KY, Khan TA, Guglielmi F. Canadian tritium experience. Ontario Hydro Report 1984

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