Macedonia issue


Athens Greece 19/4/2018

Dear sir or madame

With all my disrespect for the Greek neofascists and with all my disrespect again for the Greek Foreign Minister I suggest a way to beat the Greek neofascism that lasts for 25 years in the profound battle to the identity of Makedonijan people. Excuse me for writing it with k and j but as a westerner I write is as I read it in the Makedonski language. The problem of the sound is small in my opinion in English and may be writen with a J and pronounce normally.  The main problem of the Greek Foreign minister is disrespect for the Greek people because I’ ve heard on the news the suggestion about the name “Gorna Mekodonija.” Gorna means North as far as I know in Bulgarian but not in Makedonski. As an ergo omnes between Greece and Macedonia it may be the sound Makedosnka for the Greeks because they can pronounce it better compared to Makedonija with a jae. The terrible mistake of Gorna of the neofascist minister creates two secret Macedonias in plural the Greek and the Bulgarian one. Even if the Bulgarian feeling good with the sound Gorna Makedonija because they have a northern Macedonian land, is a bad problem for the Greek part. A map with the name of Northern Macedonia in any language creates an illusion about who are the Southern Macedonias, so the Minister of Greece foreign affairs is wrong and is against the Greeks who want a  more clear and more straight Southern Macedonia sound to be heard in the world. So the Republic of Macedonija stays as it is because it is better than the Gorna false suggestion. Therefore as a citizen I insist for a referendum to Greece only, for a choice between Southern and Aegean macedonia. There is another serious option for Greece to rename the air carrier from Aegean Airways to Aegean Macedonian Fly. A thrird one is to split the Eurovision contest with a internal round between areas of Greece, and if the Southern Macedonian song wins all other Greek songs then to participate in the European Final with the name Greek Aegean Macedonia or Southern Aegean Macedonia. A fourth one is to make a video game with two football nation clubs the Greek one and the Southern Macedonia or Aegean Macedonian one, and the list of ideas may be endless after that.

Kind regards

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