Rig – meaning of the word and example

To arrange dishonestly for the result of something, for example an election, to be changed. (Cambridge Dictionary)

To fit out with rigging. – Rig a ship. (Merriam – Webster)

If someone rigs an election, a job appointment, or a game, they dishonestly arrange it to get the result they want or to give someone an unfair advantage. (Collins Dictionary)

rig is a large structure that is used for looking for oil or gas and for taking it out of the ground or the sea bed. Example gas rigs in the North Sea. (Collins Dictionary)

rig is a truck or lorry that is made in two or more sections which are joined together by metal bars, so that the vehicle can turn more easily. (Collins Dictionary)

Provide (a sailing boat) with sails and rigging. (Oxford Dictionaries)

Assemble and adjust (the equipment of a sailing boat, aircraft, etc.) in readiness for operation. (Oxford Dictionaries)


Noble buys new jack-up rig, wins first contract.


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